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Raids In California

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Just as n Ann Arbor the pólice response to ncreased use of the sacrament is to rip our people off, it is the policy of pólice agencies at all levéis throughout the country. Last week in California, Federal "Narcotics" Agents carried out one of the largest busts of the sacrament yet. Over 20 people are now in jail with bonds averaging $200,000 on charges of conspiracy and large-scale manufacture and distribution of hash, hash oil, and LSD. The raids, carried out against the international Brotherhood of Eternal Love (an organizatjon founded by Timothy Leary several years ago), resulted in the confiscation of 30 gallons of hash oil, 1.5 million tabs of LSD, and two tons of hash. In addition, several faetones where the hash oil ajid LSDwere made were busted. Leary, who has been in exile in Switzerland, was indicted as áco-conspirator,lincr"concdently" ordered to leave that country at the same time these busts came down. These latest raids are the result of a yearlong investigation by a combined forcé of Federal, state, and local pólice agencies. Meanwhile, more pecple could be arrested in the near future, as the investigation continúes throughout the country. 90 other people were named as co-conspirators and are expected to be indicted soon, as well. Pólice attributed their success to "working together." It was also announced last week that a new "Narcotics" Bureau has been established n the Justice Department, and it is rumored :hat there are a number of Federal agents n nn Arbor at this time. Several people have eported that.they have been followed. If ou think you are possibly being followed, p out of your way to make sure, and f you are sure that you are being followed, try and get the liscense No. of the car and report it to the Tribal Network, 663-4208 Be aware that these are hot times and be extra careful f you're dealing. These latest attacks on our people are evidence of a delibérate policy by the government control addicts to cut off the supply of the righteous sacrament to our people, while at the same time our streets are flooded with quaaludes, heroin, and other downer death drugs. These attacks occur at the same time that millions of people are organizing to legalize weed through efforts like the California Marijuana Initiative, which will put the legalization of marijuana on the ballot there in November. Despite recent gains towards legalization, it's become clear that the ruling powers in this country intend to keep our people from smoking weed, while pumping death-drugs into our communities to down out the spirit of our growing, revolutionary rainbow culture. SMOKE IT! Guard Your Stashl Ann Arbor SUN