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The Ann Arbor rainbow community through its Tribal Council organized a Tribal Feast at Burns Park on Saturday August I2th. In the past Tribal Feasts have been held at the unfinished People's Ballroom (soon to be finished), the Ark Coffee House, the old Conspiracy Coffee House and other people's gathering places around the city.

The idea behind the Tribal Feast was to create a situation where rainbow people could gather in a peaceful setting to share food, tokes, information and energy. Our deal was to do it once a month at least and provide a way for people who don't know anything about Tribal Council and the People's Committees to come hear about them. We also wanted to provide a way for people who only have a little time to put into working for the community to hear from the different People's Committees about where they could hook up, and lastly to provide a way for people who don't have any time at all to work for the community to still know what's going on and be able to at least voice opinions and have some input of ideas.

The August 12 Feast was the first feast in over a month. About 100 people attended for food, tokes, frisbee and good vibes. There were people there who are workers in various committees and community organizations as well as working freeks, street freeks, students and kids to use the swings and slides. Energy like that coming together is the beginnings of real community and could be happening more often and with more people and more food. In order for us to be able to build a healthy community in the midst of the old decaying American ruse we have to organize our collective ideas and energies so we can figure out where we all relate to each other and how we can best deal with our collective needs and desires. That's what Tribal Council is all about. You can call Tribal Network about when different People's Committees meet and watch the Sun for news and announcements of Tribal Feasts.

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Genie P.
for the Tribal Council