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Big Business Plays Monopoly

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(ZNS) Presidential Candidate George McGovern reports he has obtained a "secret" Federal Trade Commision study which shows that the 100 largest U.S. corporations made 515 billion in "Monopoly prof its" last year. McGovern said his staff obtained a copy of the FTC study which has not yet been released. According to the Democraticcandidate, the study also indicated that many of these large compames which earned the "monopoly profits" also (quote) "won the most generous price hikes awarded under the Nixon system of controls." McGovern added that figures indicated (quote) "Forty percent of the corporations did not pay a single dime in income tax last year." A spokesman for the Federal Trade Commission confirmed to Zodiac that McGovern had apparently obtained a yet-to-be released special report prepared by the commission's Bureau of Economicsin April. The FTC said the report was not deared for release yet because most of the commissioners had not reviewed the findings. The FTC said it had "No idea' how McGovern's office obtained the report. Said the Commission spokesman: (quote) 'This is qoing to upset a lot of people at the Poster Issued By The Organization For Sotidarity With the Peoples of Asia, África, and Latín America. Designed and printed n Havana, Cuba.