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Swiss Leery Of Learys

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(Z NS) Doctor Timothy Leary- the man the "staight press" loves to describe as the "High Priest of LSD-is now a man without a country. Uncle Learv and his partner, Rosemary, were informed by the ├╝wiss government lasi week that they must leave Switzerland by the end of October. The Learys had been seeking permanent political asylum in Switzerland- But that request has been denied. The Learys did win one political legal battle in Switzerland, however; 'the Swiss government, while denying the Learys the right to settle in Switzerland, said that t would not extradite the comrades to the United States. The US Government had been attempting to force Leary to California because of his escape from a prison in San Luis Obispo last vear. The Learys are expected to return to Al geria, which grants asylum to American "Fugitives." Brother Tim and sister Rosemarystayedin Algeria before going to Switzerland.