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Calendar Of Ann Arbor Events

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THURSDAYAUGI7 I FILMS Ann Arbor Film Co-op, "Spellbound" Alfred Hitchcock, 7&9 pm. Aud A, Angelí Film Benefit HRP "39 Steps," and "Lady Vanishes"$2 in advance 6:30 and 9:30 pm. Fifth Forum MEETINGS Ozone House 8:00 pm. Community Center Network 4 pm. Community Center HRP Voter Registration 9 pm. office 304 n N. Thayer MUSIC Odyssey TNT 75 cents Mr. F loods Mojo Boogie Band 75 cents Mackenaw Jacks Radio King & His Court Rhythm Bob Sheff ) 75 cents Blind Pig BLUES 75 cents FRIDAYAUGI8 FILMS Conspiracy "American Dreamer" Dennis Hopper, 7:30 and 9:30 pm. $1.00. Modern Languages Bldg. Cinema Guild "Duck Soup", Marx Brothers, 7&9 pm. 75 cents Arch. Aud. MEETINGS Housing Committee, Marks Coffee House I pm. MUSIC Odyssey same as Thursday F loods same as Thursday Mackinac Jacks same as Thursday Ark Cofteehouse, John Roberts and Tony Barra nd 9 pm, $1.50 SATURDAYAUGI9 FILMS Conspiracv same as Friday Cinema Gjüd same as Friday MEETINGS HRP County Convention to decide on platform and choose candidates lOam.- all day MUSIC All bars same as Friday Harbor Springs, Mich. Guardian Angel SUMDAYAUG20 MUSIC Park Concert Otis Spann Memorial Field 2-6 pm. Odyssey, Steven James Trio 50 cents Blind Pig, Boogie Woogie Red 50 cents Mackinac Jacks, Washboard Willie 75 cents Del Rio, Jazz WNRZ 7-11 pm., John Sinclair-Hawg Tate "Toke Time" MEETINGS HRP County Convention ASSORTED Radio Astronomy Observatory Open House 2-4:30 pm. 10280 N. Territorial M0NDAYAUG2 MUSIC Odyssey same as Sunday Mackinac' Jacks , Amfa Fas 75 cents Blind Pig, BLUES MEETINGS City Council Meeting City Hall 7:30 pm. TUESDAY AUG 22 MEFTINGS Community Center Project C. Center I pm. Ride Switchboard 2nd floor SAB 6:00 pm. Tribal Council, Community Center 7:30 pr... V1USIC Mackinac Jacks same as Monday Blind Pig.BLUES Cobo Hall, Jefferson Airplane,Poppa John Creach, Commander Cody $6.50, $5.50, $4.50 WEDNESDAY AUG 23 MEETINGS Drug Help , Community Center, 7 pm. rtUSIC Odyssey, Stone Front 75 cents Blind Pip, David Yin, 50 centi Sherwood Forest, Flint, Michigan The All New Detroit Mackinac Jacks, Radio King etc. 75 cents THURSDAYAUG24 MEETINGS Network Community Center 4 pm. HRP, Office County Candidates 7 pm. Communication Committee 5 pm. MUSIC Odyssey same as Wed. Blind Pig, Lightnin' Slim and Boogie Brothers 75 cents Mackinac Jacks, same as Wed. Floods. Terry Tate, 75 cents FRIDAYAUG25 MEETINGS Housing Committee, Marks, I pm. MUSIC Bars, same as Thursday SATURDAY AUG 26 MUSIC Same as Friday MEETINGS HRP, State Convention, Lansing SUNDAYAUG27 MUSIC Park Concert, Otis Spann Memorial Field 2-6 pm. WNRZ, John Sinclair and Hawg Tate 7-11 Dm Toke Time" Blind Pig, Boogie Woogie Red 50 cents Mackinac Jacks, Washboard Willie Odyssey, Jazz Del Rio, Jazz MEETINGS HRP State Convention, Lansing MONDAY AUG 28 MUSIC Mackinac Jacks, Stone School Road 75 cents Blind Pig, BLUES Odyssey, Jazz MEETINGS City Council, City Hall, 7:30 pm. TUESDAY AUG 29 MUSIC Bars, the same as Monday MEETINGS Ride Switchboard, 6 pm. 2nd floor SAB Tribal Council, Community Center, 7:30 pm. WEDNESDAYAUG30 MUSIC Blind Pig, Larry's Gig MEETING Drug Help, Community Center, 7 pm.