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With the sun now in Virgo, it is an especially good time to analyze and put in order exactly what has gone down in our community in the past months and take a realistic look at how we can continue to constructively communicate with one another.

The People's Communication Committee, originally a seed-idea of the Rainbow People's Party and the Ann Arbor Sun, has blossomed with the initiatives of the Tribal Network, the Radio Workshop's WIMRZ live broadcasts from the Park concerts, the soon to be realized Cable TV system, and the corp of folks who work on publicity for community events, eg. Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival. It is now a reality that must be cared for and nourished by our combined efforts. With our progress we must see to it that we maintain and nourish what has already been established. So, where we are at is – struggling – to bring the media (print, radio, tv), information (what's real, what's happening, our music), and the source (us – the community) together. Eventually, the committee should provide a solid foundation of working together, communicating, and creating so that the work of tearing down the walls proceeds.

The People's Communication Committee involves the Ann Arbor SUN. At the present time the paper is still published under the direction and control of the Rainbow People's Party, but with a move to the Community Center planned for early fall, the PCC will take over production of the alternative newspaper. In the past months there has been a significant number of "new" folks on the scene interested in this area of spreading the word who have worked on the SUN.

With the opening of the Tribal Network in mid-July, the community has provided itself with vital day by day, minute by minute information source that a biweekly paper just can't do. The Network provides referral service, community calendar, a ride switchboard, and community phone tree. At the present it is open from 10 am to 2 am, but with added workers it can soon be a 24 hour service. There are shifts still available and many more folks are needed to make sure we all know what's going on. 

Another facet of the PCC is the radio workshop which has been broadcasting from the Park concerts, Sundays on WNRZ fm 102.9. Although the concerts are over for this season, we will be broadcasting from the opening of the People's Ballroom, and will maintain a Sunday spot on NRZ throughout the year. In these programs we hope to tune folks into "Community Radio," with the music and information and raps you demand. In the process people interested in radio are being provided opportunities and experience that any communication art takes.

The Cable Television is not on your tube yet but is interested in the productions we may be able to get together. Needless to say, the impact of the tube on your brains is staggering, so the necessity for seizing the opportunity is obvious if we are to build bridges and not perpetuate plastic walls that isolate us. There are folks who have kept their ears open and minds working n this area, so it may not be too long before we have produced a television gig. Besides all this there is an unorganized assemblage of folks who have worked on various publicity projects for such things as the Parks Programs, the John Sinclair Freedom Rally, and the Blues and Jazz Festival whose experience in keeping the shit straight is invaluable. The Committee seeks to involve these folks too, in hopes we all learn from one another and take our part in sharing their load skillfully.

This is a glimpse of what we have been doing and I hope you get the feel for the temper of the time. All that we have done separately so far won't be worth the paper, the airwaves, or the electricity if we don't move now to communicate – all the time.

General meetings are held every other Wednesday (when the SUN is not being put together) 5 pm at 1520 Hill Street. Let's talk about it.

– Shaun McShaun