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Tribal Network, the newest people's program to occupy space in the Community Center, is helping to provide for the community's communication needs through an information phone service that operates 16 hours a day, from 10 am to 2 am. The Network has only been open now for a little over a month, and already we are receiving between 50 and 100 calls a day.

The Tribal Network serves as a complete information and referral service for the various problems that people have to deal with like legal help, abortion information, medical information, and any of the myriad things that may arise. The Network also provides a Community Calendar which gives up to date information on meetings, concerts, flicks, or whatever else people need to know about. If you need a ride someplace, and if you don't have a car, or if you do have a car and some room for more people, you can check with the Ride Switchboard to hook up with other people who are going the same direction.

One thing we hope to do in the future is set up a community phone tree so that large numbers of people can be contacted and mobilized quickly for emergency situations such as rip-offs or busts. If you want participate, call the Network, 663-4208, and leave your name and phone number.

The Tribal Network does not only want to give information to the community but wants the community to give information to to us too. Our calendar is never complete enough so if you know of something that is going on in the community, cali us up and give us the information.

Another project that we have just established is a record of complaints against police, landlords, or any other  agencies that violate our rights. All information received is turned over to the Tribal Council Defense Committee to be used in the Tribal Council investigation into the police department.

The Tribal Network is a very new organization and still needs a lot more people to make it grow. We barely have enough people right now to staff the phones, and there are files to be typed and verified, phone calls to be made and information to be gathered. If you would like to volunteer to do a shift, or if you just want to volunteer a small amount of time, there is work for you to do, cali 663-4208, or stop by.

The Tribal Network, along with the Ann Arbor SUN and the Tribal Council Radio Workshop, are working with the People's Communications Committee to provide for the information and communication needs of our growing rainbow community. This can only be done if a lot of people from the community work together. Communicate to Liberate! Power to the People!