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Drug Help is a community organization that has existed since the summer of 1970 to attempt to deal with problems our people face every day from drugs. Drug Help operates a 24 hour crisis phone service, 761-HELP, where people are available to give drug information about different drugs, or to handle crisis situations like bad trips or downer od's. If the situation cannot be dealt with over the phone, there are additional people available to go directly to wherever the problem is and deal whatever assistance is necessary. Counselors are also available for individual counseling if a person wants to talk to someone about why they are into any particular drug and to help work out alternatives so that people won't feel the need to escape through bogus drugs.

In addition to the phone and crisis service, Drug Help also handles drug emergencies at the Ann Arbor Free Concerts and will be on hand at the upcoming Blues Festival to handle whatever emergencies that arise there. Drug Help also provides Drug Education where different people go to schools, churches, community groups. classes, or wherever people want to hear some clear, honest information about different drugs and how they affect us.

As more and more people are getting into bogus dope, especially quaaludes and other downers, and our streets are literally flooded with these drugs everyday, t becomes clear that the drug companies are mass overproducing many drugs and that they are deliberating pumping them onto the streets of our communities. Drug Help is planning in the future of possibly bringing law suits against those drug companies producing quaaludes and the US Food and Drug Administration for failure to provide adequate testing and warning about quaaludes.

Drug Help is always in need of more interested people, so if you would like to volunteer, or if you just want to know what is going on, or if you need some help yourself, call 761-HELP or stop by at the Community Center any time. If we are to solve the bogus dope problem in our community we have to work together and support community organizations like Drug Help. Life to the Life Culture.