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QuestIon: Why do you sell the Ann Arbor SUN?

Bruce Ray, future welder: Before the SUN was free, but now I go up to the Rainbow People's Party House, and I usually get about 50 or 100. They sell pretty good over by Ypsilanti or by Arborland. If you get real smart you take them to Detroit, Monroe, and up to Flint. Sometimes people give me as much as 25 cents for one 10 cent paper.

Chris Ingersoll, communist, hippie, freak: I'm a very radical person and I believe in the paper. I think it's a good newspaper because it tells the people what's really happening and I think there should be more papers like the Sun. Also, here n Ann Arbor it's very hard to find a job to live and selling SUN's is a start!

Blue, street person: I sell the SUN because I like what's in it myself and I like the experience of selling it. I've sold underground papers before in California like the Berkeley Barb, but I find it's easier to sell the SUN. I need the money most of the time and I can sell 30 dollars worth in a week because I take it to Detroit to all the concerts at Cobo Hall.

George Powell: I sell the SUN to make money and to to let the new students and every one who lives in Ann Arbor know what's going on.

Butch Wright, student: I sell it to have people look at it and to spread it around and I tell them that the SUN is what's happening. It shows you what events are going on, who's in jail, who's out. Instead of a regular news paper you read a SUN.