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Build The Artist's Workshop!

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The People's Artist's Workshop Committee hasn't been meeting regularly for the past few months, mainly because many of us who are active in this committee are also involved in the Music and Ballroom Committee - and we realized that finishing the People's Ballroom was the highest priority. Now that the Ballroom is virtually completed, and bringing some money into the Community Center Project (which includes the People's Ballroom, Tribal Network, and soon the Artist's Workshop and the Ann Arbor Sun.), we can begin to channel energy into building the Artist's Workshop!

 There's a large area n the Community Center at 502 E. Washington that has been set aside for the Artist's Workshop area. Right now, the proposed plan includes a darkroom, potters' wheels and kiln, and facilities for candle-making, batik, sewing, leather-working, sculpture, carpentry and woodworking, welding, jewelry, weaving, macrame, drawing, painting, (and more!) not to mention workshops which will be starting SOON in writing, dance, and theater! There will also be a storefront where artists can sell their work, with part of the money going back into the Workshop to help it become self-sufficient and the rest going to the artist.

Obviously, transforming a garage into an Artist's Workshop won't be an overnight task, and t won't happen without the help and support of the community. There are a lot of brothers and sisters here in Ann Arbor who are into different forms of arts and craft: as a form of creative expression - in fact, l'm sure that every person who is reading this is an artist or craftsperson in one way or another. What we want to do is establish a place where people can go to do creative things, where there are a lot of materials and facilities to work with, and where workshops on different forms of creative work are offered. And, artists will have the opportunity to make some money through the storefront. Right now, we need people not only to help with the physical building of the Workshop, but to help plan and teach workshops. The Artist's Workshop Committee will meet at ;5 p.m. on Thursday, September 28, in the People's Ballroom - come and share your ideas!



People's Artist's Workshop Committee