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If you want to place a FREE AD in this space in the Ann Arbor Sun write down all the information on a postcard and send it to The Ann Arbor Sun, 1520 Hill St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 and we'll be gettin the message out to the people.


One Ampeg SUN amp top. $400.00. Call Terry at 761-1963

Pin Ball machine. It's the Gottlieb "Mademoiselle" model. Completely reworked and now it works great. Call 761-1525.


VICKI from CLAWSON, Mich. that I met at the Blues and Jazz Festival, please write or call. Love, David. 3118 Van Fleet, Toledo, Ohio 43615. (419) 841-4083.

Dear Brothers and Sisters: I am a sister who needs a place to stay desperately. I'm looking for one room with kitchen, fairly close to campus. The most I can possibly pay is $60 per month, although I'm willing to help with maintenance etc. Contact Liz at 1217 S. University. Thanx.

Will the woman who needed to meet some understanding men please send another Free Ad. You forgot to put an address or phone number in.

Two female Siamese kittens for FREE! Call 761-8522.

Sister needs a dresser free or really cheap. Please call 761-8522 and leave a message for Linda.

Free art lessons for a person interested in gaining more self-awareness through creativity. Call Bill eves. or weekends at 761-7623.

Will trade brand new 26" All Pro 10 speed bike (silver) . . . For a good used 6 string non-classical acoustic guitar. Call 263-3079.

Horoscope--Spiritual Direction--Karma--Past Lives--Energy. Tarot Card readings. Understand your own self -- learn to vibrate in harmony -- Classes in Astrology forming soon. Telephone Occult Center of Ann Arbor at 769-8867.

Is there a place for a non-middle class sister who is a student of the people and not the corrupt university. I've just come from the Upper Penn. and I was just passing through but I dug the energy here. I'm living in the Arb now; Do you have room for me in your house. If you do please leave a message on the board at Ozone House.

DAN SCHRIBER Please contact JAN SIMMONDS at 541-7146 in Madison Heights.

Becky has 7 puppies that are 3/4 husky and 1/4 german shepherd and they need a home. Call her at 662-9334.


Heavy but simple drummer needs a very special band. Must be dedicated and sincere. Call 838-1519.

Drummer and pianist looking for guitarist and bass player. Must have their own equipment. Call Butch or Fred at 971-0066.

Experienced rock and roll drummer (formerly with Gibraltar and Sativa) needs work IMMEDIATELY. Cali 1-352-3442 or leave message for Jon at the Odyssey or at 612 Miner, Ann Arbor.

Cello, trumpet or conga player wanted! For the "Cosmic Earth Orchestra"; guitar, congas (needed) and other percussion, pump organ, cello (needed), possibly a trumpet and/or saxes, electronic tape. Eventually dancers, and lights. All original material, quite spaced. Members now are all male and we need cosmic sisters. "The barriers must be broken." Call 761-8522 and ask for Roger.

Guitar Lessons -- variety of styles. $3 1/2 /hr. Call Roger at 761-8522.


There are thousands of brothers and sisters all over Amerika who are imprisoned. They need people who are on the streets to help them keep contact with everything on the outside. Show your support and write. Or if you know a prisoner send their name and address to the Ann Arbor Sun and we'll print it.

We are two lonely inmates in the Ohio Penitentiary and would like very much to write to anyone on any subject. We understand that loneliness is universal, however if you can find the time write. We welcome and encourage all letters. 129-592 James Ed Brown and 119-769 William Wilcorpon, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, Ohio 43216.

I am an indigent prisoner in the Ohio State Penitentiary serving a life term, and I have been in prison since April, 1945. I have lost contact with the outside world and would like to correspond with any concerned person. Write Mr. Steven B. Reynolds, No. 82415, P.O. Box 511, Columbus, Ohio 43216.

Brothers and Sisters! I would like to get some mail! Write to Lou Streeter, No. 131613, Box E, Jackson, MI 49204.