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The People's Food Co-op will have temporary distribution at the People's Ballroom in the Community Center until a permanent home is found. Hours will be Mondays and Tuesdays f rom noon till six only. The items stocked during temporary distribution still will be the basics and popular foods. There will be lots of it- come on in! FLASH! Tryouts for "Old Times", a radical experiment n theater, will be held in the People's Ballroom on Sunday Oct. 8 beginning at 7:30, Monday, Oct. 9, from 10 pm to 1 am, and in the Frieze Building during the afternoons of those days. Cali Tribal Network for more information. I FLASH.' DON'T YOU EVER LISTEN TO THE RADIO WHEN THE BIG BAD BEAT GOES ON? The People's Communications Committee now has three hours of rainbow radio every Sunday on 102.9. Now you can tune in from 4-7 pm and hear real community radio . . . We'll be playing some of the most high energy music that we can find. Want to know what's happening this weekend at the People's Ballroom, need inf romation about what's happening in AA- we'll be talking about all this and MORE! AND, don't touch that dial, leave it at 102.9 - John Sinclair and Hawg Tate bring you TOKE TIME radio from 7 pm to 1 am- some of the tastiest jamsyou'll EVER hear! LIBERATION AIRWAYS!! FLASH! The People's Ballroom badly needs a piano for cheap. Finances are tight so donations vould be far out. Cali Tribal Network if you can help out. DR. JOHN'SAUTO REPAIR Needs a 2 tó" 4 big garage or gas station to rent Now! In town or close by location to AA. Cali Richie at 761-8522 or 761-1709 and leave message. FLASH! Convict Community Courier, an institution newspaper in Marión Ohio, is in need of names and addresses of people in the free world who would be willing to correspond with guys doing time here. There is NO censorship here so ANYONE can rap in they so desire. Please ocntact Don Ramsey 132997, PO Box 57, Marión Ohio 43302. Your name and address will be printed in our classified section and a copy of our newspaper will be sent to you. FLASH! Hand Made Things, located at 343 Maynard (where the Hide Out used to be), is now open every day (except Sunday) from 1 1 am to 5 pm. Anyone who is into making things can sell their work at Hand-Made Things on a consignment basis. Stop by or cali 668-7209! FLASH! Artist's Workshop Committee meetings are every other Monday at 4 pm at the Community Center, 502 E. Washington-the next meeting will be Oct. 9. AND- the Writer's Workshop will be meeting every Wednesday at 8 pm at the Community Center. AND! Dance classes (open to everyone) are held every Tuesday and Thrusday from 9 am to 11 amü FLASH! The Collective Eye film series needs people from all areas to help build a politically educational film series. All those nterested cali Bill, Dallas, or Linda-761-8522. Be watching for flyers around town of upcoming flicks. FLASH! Light artists! Plans are under way for a luminists collective which would do light shows in the People's Ballroom. Contact Mike Gould, 434-2419 after 5:30, for more information. FLASH! The Tribal Council Food Committee s selling cases of Adams Unsweetened Orange juice at ts warehouse on First St. between Liberty and Williams. Costs $3.50 for a case of 24, 18 oz cans. Sat. Noon-3 and Monday and Tuesday from 3í30pm -6pm.