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in some ways Ann Arbor could be classified a "company town." The University of Michigan serves 40,000 students and pays 10,000 employees. The U-M complex comprises nearly a fifth of all city land. U-M President Robben Fleming is considered one of the most influential persons in town. More importantly, the U-M student body is the biggest single economie and political bloc in Ann Arbor. That is not to say that all students buy the same things or vote the same way or even follow the same lifestyle. But the fact is that many do. In so doing, they have a tremendous impact on this city. They are progressive, they involve themselves in community work and political action and they become members of the rainbow community. ' For these reasons the SUN is going to be paying more attention to what is happening in and around the U-M and to what students are thinking and doing. Most of this news will be found under a new section, entitled "University Bullets," to go along with our features of "Tribal Notes', and "City Council News." -SUN Editorial Board