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The People's Ballroom has once and twice again brought the music crazed sisters and brothers n from the streets to stomp down to the music along with the bands, who have been waiting for the ballroom to get together for so long. We had killer stomps on Sept. 22 and 23 with the Wild Boys, from Ann Arbor, and River City, a fine rockin and rollin band from Detroit. People were getting down and havin a good time with plenty of room for moving around, cause there were only 144 people on Friday and even less on Sat.'We were freakinq out! How come there weren't more people? Haven't our bros. & sisters on the streets of Ann Arbor been waiting for just this get together every week? Where s everybody? We know the people of AA have needed this institution for years but now that we have it how could we possibly lose money on the very first regular gig? These are some of the questions the Ballroom committee were asking each other. AHA!!!! We freaked out when we realized that ESP coundn't be used for getting the information out to the people. We had to have something people can see and read we have to be able to let everyone know that the Ballroom s happening every week. Publicity s the keyüü Whooppeeü Now we have it. The solution to losing money each week is getting people to come to the Ballroom by making sure they know it's happening every week from now on! So on we went into the next week feeling happy that we had solved the problem, we knew why we didn't have a f uilhouse. But our astonishment, September 29 came along with Mighty Joe Young and His Band and still not enough people to break even! What went wrong? The same questions, the same answers! The publicity just wasn't good enough. So Sat. afternoon out they went Walden, Matt and Bob to the streets!!!!!!!!!!! Passing out 1,000 flyers and making sure that some people knew about that night. Showtime with Mighty Joe Young and 210 people paid for the performance. We were able to pay for Sat. night and also Fri. nights loss. Sunday night the Cruzonic Jazz Ensemble and Marsh Crabitts and the Hallucinations played on our first regualr jazz night and spaced everyone out with their straight from the streets, space music, all 30 of usü What a lesson, drop $200 the first weekend and break even the 2nd, all because of publicity. We would like to apologize to all the Bros. and sisters in AA who didn't know that all this was happening everyone could and come down every weekend to hear the music and we will try to make sure this is the first time that any of us have a gig like this and, as with everyone, we learned from past mistakes. Through these past struggles we find that we must rely on our community for our existence and that f we have no com munication with the community we will crumble like so many other ballroom scènes have. We ask everyone n the community to come forward and support eh ballroom through work or criticism or any kind of partid pation. jHelp the Struggle! Support the Peoples Ballroom! For the AA Tribal Council Music and Ballroom Committee - Craig Blazier Be watching for the mighty UP, TNT, Walrus and Leaves of Grass to be coming up Oct. 6 & 7, Loka Naadha on Sunday, Oct. 8 Detroit and Flack the next weekend! We'll be rockin'and rolling EVERYWEEKEND FROM NOWON! Come to the People's Ballroom in the Community Center at 502 E. Washington!