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When the towing company used by the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Dept. tore down Harvey's re-election campaign posters from the trees n front of ts building, Harvey responded by order ing a boycott of the company by all Sheriff's department personnel. County Prosecuter William Delhey (also up for re-election this fall) has said he can't see where Harvey has done anything Ilegal. But the prosecuters office is investigating what has happened to a stolen camper and snowmobiles which were recovered by the Sheriff's department. Fred Postill, Democratie nominee for Sheriff is charging that some of Harvey's relatives have been IIegally using the camper and its being said that Harvey allegedly "lost" the snowmobile when he and some relatives were joy-riding in it, flipped over and wrecked it. But even so , its hard to imagine Delhey taking any action against Harvey, especialV after he has refused to prosecute for the alledged beating of a photographer (who was ivorking for Postill) who was taking pictures of on duty deputies who were out putting up re-elect Harvey posters after they had signed out to "special assignment". Donald Norris, the 19 yr old Washtenaw County Jail prisoner who was urged by Sheriff's candidate Fred Postill to file a $1 million negligance suit against Sheriff Harvey because he was allegedly attacked and raped by six fellow prisoners last winter, had to be rushed to Univeristy Hospital along with two deputies to be treated for smoke inhalation after the mattress in his cell was set afire. People who have large amounts of money due in outstanding parking ticket fines bhould keep an eye on their cars. Rain bow Energies had one of its cars taken in broad daylight last week. Fortunately the tires and seat and other parts were rescued so all they got was the shell of the vehicle. An Emergency Elections Conference designed to help dump Nixon and the Nixon pohcies of War, Racism and Repression is being organized for October 15 on the U-M campus. The conference will consist of a rally at 1 pm and workshops at 4 pm and 7 pm. Also involved in the conference is the Nguyen Van Troi Children's Hospital Committee. This committee is joining in an international campaign for the construction of a children's hospital in Hanoi. In the United States, two organizations, Young Workers Liberation League and Vietnam Veterns Against the War, are sponsoring the Hospital Campaign. People of the World Unite! Dump the Chomp! The Ann Arbor F re Department spon sored the Native American Indian's Child Protection Council's food drive last week. It was an effort to get food and blankets for Indian families in the US anj in Canada. Check out some of the people on the local Business and Industry Committee to Re-elect Nixon. Frank Bagamery vice president of industrial relations, Hoover Ball and Bearing Co. Ralph Boehnke, president, Eberbach Corp. Dale Boyles, research financial manager Parke Da vis & Co. Joseph Clayton, general manager Aerospace DivisiĆ³n, Bendix Corp. John Da ly, president, Hoover Ball & Bearing Co. Joseph Foster, president, Ann Arbor Bank Don Robinson, CLU Insurance Management Co. Robert Trow, president, King-Seeley Thermos Co. People from all sections of Ann Arbor made proposals on Wed., Sept. 27 for the use of $1 million put aside by the city for the purchase of parce s of land for neighborhood parks. Parks were proposed for Scarlett-Mitchell Woods in the 3rd Ward (which the city had been planning to destroy in favor of a new school), the corner of S. University and Walnut, the JohnsonGreene property of N. Main St., property in the Ashley-Madison area, and property in the Lennox-Evelyn Court area.