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Terror On Traver Road

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On the night of Monday, October 2, poKce from an inter-county goon squad, code name W.A.N. T. (Washtenaw Area Narcotics Team) called a "narcotics task force" by the Ann Arbor News, barged through the door of a house on Traver Road to terrorize the ten raople in the house for four hours. The real persecution of two of these people who were entrapped bv paid pólice agents, has just begun. One brother, who doesn't live at Traver Road, is charged with delivery of cocaine that was arranged by ó paid undercover nare who is alledging that the delivery took place last month at a Forest St. Address. The other brother, who does live at the house, is charged on the dubious word of an undercover agent who accompanied the f rst brother over to the Traver house. He says he (the nare) made a purchase of cocaine at the house earlier on Monday night which was why he called the raid. The cops say they also found weed peyote, and hash at the house. Both of these people charged will now face the mental torture and monetary expense of a trial and the further anquish of a possible jail term. Guns in hand, the pólice from six agencies, including Ypsilanti Pólice Dept., Michigan State Pólice, Inkster City Pólice, Livingston County Sheriff's Dept., plus the usual Washtenaw County Sheriff's Dept. and the Ann Arbor Pólice creeps, invaded the house in Ann Arbor without presenting any warrants. Some of the people in the house were herded at gunpoint nto one downstairs room, no one was told they were under arrest as the pólice ransacked the house confiscating the rent money plus a couple hundred dollars belonging to people living in the house. One of the people who's money was taken is on welfare and is now broke. The pólice say the money is being turned over to the Internal Revenue Service. As he was being led away to the station, one brother who had been kept in the kitchen says he looked back to see his friend who had been maliciously smashed in the head with a gun butt, chained to a bannister standing n a pool of blood. Once they got everyone to the station, all ten people were f ingerprinted and had mugshots taken, twice, even though eight of them were not even charged and were later set free. It's frightening to know you can't even go over to a f riend's house without risking spending the next hours in jail and having you picture and fingerprints taken for the use of pólice agencies. WANT is one more component of an increasingly centralized pólice state apparatus designed to deal with Ilegitímate capítalists and political rebels. These control departments are justified to the citzenry in the name of social welfare and a war on drugs. In reality they are the domestic arms and fists of the Washington warmongers who are responsible for facilitating the flow of heroin from Indochina to places like Ann Arbor. The upsurge in narcotics use provides the official excuse for domestic facism, and the highly mobile and nterfaced pólice agencies are the tools used to repress political activists, elimínate any independent economie base and snuff the People's Liberation Struggle.