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North Vietnam Frees Prisoners Of War

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For years on end the Amerikan Government has been running the line about how diligeitly they are pursuing negotiations at the Paris Peace Talks. Every week they wring their hands and sob about how "unreasonable" the "enenmy" is. Every week they piss and moan to the TV cameras about how they are doing everything they possible can to get the Amerikan Prisoners of War released. But as the words barf forth from their lips more and more planes are put n the air, over the soverign territory of the Democratie Republic of Vietnam and more and more planes are shot down and more and more pilots are captured, so as the power structure says they want the release of the POW's they constantly send more and more men to carry out slaughter against the Vietnamese People, more pilots to their death, and certainly more pilots into the camps for Prisoners of War. But the escalation of the war and the setting up of more men to be prisoners of war is only part of the endless contradiction that--thewar mongers are caught up in. When the American delegation arrived in Hanoi to escort the POW's home, along with mothers and wives of the pilots, the United States took advantage of this o'pportunity to bomb Hanoi 4 times in five hours. When the pow's and their delegation finally got on their way they were accosted at every stop by representatives of Worldwide Honk, one of the conditions of the release of the POW's being that they were supposed to be returned to the US through other than military channels. But the attempted nterference by the Nixon regime with the return of the POW's the Nixon administration could have and may have blown it for many other POW's who are waiting to come home.