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i! t Ulfllll ïiiïL lililí I iliplil ijfiij FOR SALE New tapestry for sale! lts 6 feet by 4 feet and íl??lifi?!;!_í1JL?.lirí_fllE.t_665:6580_ Fender Six string guitar and a 1965 Juguar for $190- It's in very good condition and a custom finish with hard case. I must sell it! Cali Tyler at 542 4971. SILKSCREENING and Public info poster. We need to distribute and exchange! Cali 717-2321800 or write Rainbow Mesa at 920 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg Pa. 17102 COMMUNICATIONS Record Do you wheel and deal in OLDIE records, 78's, 45's, LP's. All categories. Ar you aware of the rising cost ot the okier recoras in your collection. Or would you like to come into contact with other record freaks like yourself. For futher information Write: The Record Player at 216 North Columbus Ave. Mt. Vernon N.Y. 10552 Wormen interested in learning paramedic skills needs suggestions resources, information and women who like to share any or all of their knowledge. Please get in touch with usas soon as possible because we are eager to begin. Cali Maryanne at 761-4281 or Betty at 663-2004. Two people Ihin in school bus need place to park bus with bathroom fac. Cali Bonnie at Soybean Cellarsat 761-2231. MUSICIANS Soul vocalist look ing for lead rhythm guitar and drummer and organ. Cali Wayne at 761-5917 with resumé. Dan Maurer at 426-4546 is a drummer looking for a band! Piano player with own niano look ing for work with musical UOCK ROLL-COUNTRY or PROGRESSIVE. Cali 662-4277. PRISONERS WANTED a civil lawyer to prosecute a civil rights action pending in the United States District Court in Dayton, Ohio. Suit has been docketed for trial sometime after Nov 1, 1972, being number 56 on the new court docket. Plaintiff is incarcerated in the London Correctional Institution after railroaded by a Common Pleas Court Judge an assistant Prosecutor, and a Court Appointed Attorney who was then a Vice-President of the Dayton Bar Association. This suit is for an il legal 5 search and seiaure of plaintiffs personal property sans search warrant in 1968. Plaintiff hassued for a total of $104,000 and will be willing to split with an able attorney. For particulars, contact Ralph H. Pittenger, PO Box 69, 130-702, London, Ohio 43140. Male inmate wou ld like to correspond with sisters and brothers, black and white. Gay and straight I have no race ro sex hangups because the struggle for peace and freedom and dignity is too great to let a person's life style interfere so please write to a lonely 26 year oíd Libra brother who is the heart of the struggle. Will answer all letters Henry Smotley 128606, PO Box E. Jackson Michigan. This brother needs some letters. Write him! Tommy Lee Webb 131838 Locked Box No. 500 lonia, Michigan 48846. Prisoner to be released shortly (after serving several years.) Will be relocating in Ann Arbor to attend college. Would like to hear from sisters and brothers in the área. (Especially Rainbow People and college sisters). Write to Archie Baker No. 1 19674 Trusty División, PO Box E Jackson, Michigan. Brothers and sisters! Use this free space to trade, communicate-give away; buy or sell whatever you need! Send information to Free Ads, Ann Arbor SUN 1520 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104.