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Concerned about large amounts of money the Federal Government spends for military purposes whert domestic needs are ignored, the Ann Arbor Life Priorities Fund (AALPF), composed of individuals and organizations who are refusing to pay some or all of their federal taxes, is redirecting these funds to meet human needs in Ann Arbor. AALPF's grants and loans will will bemadeto local community service groups. Political parties and campaigns do not qualify. Application forms for loans or grants are available by writing AALPF, P.O. Box 559, Ann Arbor, 481U7. THE LATEST ON HARVEY Sheriff Harvey is also running an interesting advertising campaign for his re-election. The Daily recently carried a half page of Harvey pictured talking to a long haired freek and asking n the tradition of Marl boro cigarette ads, "Think For Yourself Because You Have a Mind Of Your Own. Vote Independent." Really! Meanwhile Harvey's pal, Prosecuter William Delhey (who is also up for reelection), has confirmed that Harvey did indeed llegally dispose of allegedly stolen goods confiscated by the Sheriff's Dept. Harvey failed to notify the County Board of Commissioners within a legally specified six months that he had recovered two snowmobiles and a camper trailer. He also made no attempt to lócate the owners who were easily found by Delhey s statr. Harvey sold one of the snowmobiles to his daughter for $100 and failed to turn in the money until this week, 1 1 months after the sale. He transferred the title of the other snowmobile to the Sheriff s Dept. Delhey says that all these actions are Ilegal but not criminal so Harvey cannot be penalized. He excused Harvey and his men because, "Thev had no evil in their heart; " Fred Postill, the Democratie candidate for sheriff is asking for an nvestigation by the state attorney general's office. Harvey s returning the favor, by sueing Postill for $250,000 because Postill allegedly accused Harvey of statutory rape, Harvey, who bolted the Democratie Party for the American Independent Party, is expected to lose his job to Postill in the Nov. 7 election. The rape case, which was documented by the old Ann Arbor Argus in 1969, took place in 1962 when Harvey was a Ypsilanti cop. Harvey seduced the 15-year-old daughter of a bar owner, who complained to the Ypsilanti pólice chief. No charges were formally brought. But Harvey was kicked off the f orce, even though he said he was not guilty. Harvey then went to work as a deputy for the sheriff's department. He was again fired after a few months because he shot a cow while drunk on duty. He was later rehired and then elected sheriff in 1964. Postill became a deputy shortly thereafter. He was also fired twice within two years for organizing a deputies unión. But another reason Postill was fired, according to Harvey, is that Postill pistolwhipped his wife's ex-husband. Postill says he didn't do t. All in all t adds up to a sweet little story. "MASSAGE" PAR LOR BUST Enforcing the antiquated and discriminatory laws against prostitution, city police raided two "massage" parlors and arrested 14 people, closing down Caesar's Retreat Health and Massage Studio and the American Massage Parlor as "houses ot prostitution." Three people are charged with "Dandering" (enticinq or solicitina to prostitution), which is a reiony, wnne the rest are chargea witn frequenting a place ot prostitution, a rnisdemeanor. First of all these laws should not even be on the books. This society continually forces women to cater to men and to assume submissive roles in order to survive economically. Prostitution is only the most out front way of dealing with economie hardships if you have no one to support you and no other skills to sell on the market place. Secondly, the laws are discriminatory in that a woman charged with prostitution can get up to 20 years and a "john" gets only a 90 day misdemeanor. Pólice may have made the raid under the ruse that they are cracking down on organized crime and vice to pet credit for "cleaning up the town." But the real bigshots of organized crime weren't arrested and probably don't even live in Ann Arbor, much fess hang out at the massage parlor, while local people who are dupes for these people will have to go through the hardship of a stay at the county jail, getting bail money and fighting court caies. Ali tnts is an added burden on womn who were making a ridiculous 1.60hr. for massages and charging parlor determined rates for hand jobs, blow jobs and fucks. The role of the Michigan Daily (renamed the Michigan Daley by an ndignant contmued on page 16 ï Community Flashes conti nued f rom page 1 reader n a letter to the editor) was one ot complicity with the pólice. It agreed to not publish a massage parlor esposé until the pólice had a chance tó make the raid. The outraged Daley reader wrote, "If you had published your story as planned, you might have prevented the enormous grief coming down jntüR women who worked these parloro." Meanwliile, the American Massage Parlor is again open and it seems business is even better than usual with all the puDlicitv generated by the raids. SUIT FILED AGAINST JUDGE ELDEN After Judge Elden handed down his legally unsound and politically motivated decisión (he is running for election to the Circuit Court) against the $5 weed law, an ad appeared in the Ann Arbor News stating "Some of Judge Sandy Elden's most courageous decisions have come back to his doorstep" picturing a small marijuana leaf stenciled on his front door that was supposedly painted the week after his reactiorv ary ruling came down. The latest tem to come to Elden's doorstep is a suit charging he has violated the Judicial Canons of Ethics "by making an unnecessary constitutional decisión in the midst of his campaign for higher judicial office and by advertising said decisión . . . in the promotion of his candidacy." What makes it worse is that his decisión has not even been reviewed by a higher court and will probably not stand up when it is appealed by the city.