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I Question: What are you doingto stop the War n Vietnam? Al Carmichael. One thing we can do to stop the war s to make sure Nixon doesn't get reelected. We should learn to nicate so people can find out why they don't act more rationally because that's thewhole cause of war, Susan, student at U-M. My vote in November will help stop it. l'm voting for the Human Rights Party locally. They say not to vote for president bu tha won't help so l'm voting for McGovern. Pat Poulious, student, U-M. I believe the only way to stop the war right now is to vote for McGovern. It's mosT nopeiess uniess we get some presiden tial leadership. At first I was thinking of the possibility of demonstrations, but I don't think they are effective anymore. John Howland, Janitor at U-M. The most important thing we can do now is to support McGovern because if we support him strongly the effect s to pull Nixon farther to the left because in order to compete with McGovern he has to appear to become a peace candidate. George Euseary, bus boy at Union Station. I think the war stinks and the only way to stop it is to combine all revolutionary g group'j and put them nto the front picture The only candidate I can endorse for president is George McGovern. IThis weeks Voice of the People was done at the Michigan Union. ONCE STARTED, A JOURNAL MUST BE RUN CONSCIENTIOUSLY AND WELL. THIS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE READERS AS VELL AS THE STAFF. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE READERS TO SEND IN SUGGESTIONS AND WRITE . BRIEF LETTERS AND ARTICLES I INDICATING WHATTHEY LIKE I AND WHATTHEY DISLIKE, FOR THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I TO MAKE THE JOURNAL A SUCCESS. Mao Tse-tung