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V J( COMMUN1TV ƒ NEWS StRVICEjT Published by the RAINBOW PEOPLE'S PARTY 1520 Hill Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 Phone (313) 761-1709 DEADLINES - news articles by Sunday before Publ catión, advertísing Monday before publica tion. THE SUN EDITORIAL COMMITTEE: John Collins Kathy Kelley Ann Hoover Walden Simper Linda Ross Mike Minnich Community Staff: David Fenton, Amy Horowitz, Lori Melton, Jan Ridgell, Sam Smith, Gary Grimshaw, Greg Sobran, Mike Bradv, Genie Plamondon, John Morys, Freddie Brooks Larry Behnke, Linda Latham, Carol Shackson, Shaun McShaun Hiawatha Baily, Joel Landy, The SUN is a member of the Underground PressSyndicate and subscribes to Earth News Service (ENS), Zodiac News Service (ZNS).