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Now that the People's Ballroom is an actual physical reality there are other demons to be cast out. I can remember when there were only two more weeks before the grand opening of the ballroom and we didn't even have the hard-wood floor sanded. A lot of people were there to help out, but still some of us were up for al most three days without any sleep in order to finish for the opening. Looking back at all the time and energy that went into the actual construction, it's hard to believe that such monstrous other problems could arise. Especially considering the first weekend was so successful in terms of getting both the people and the ballroom off the floor. You can still feel the energy! But in order for the People's Ballroom to develop to its highest potential everyone needs to be conscious of the problems that exist and the reasons the survival of the ballroom is so important. First of all, the basic problem is money. The People's Ballroom is in debt for construction costs and must provide for current expenses. This involves something in excess of $1,500 for construction and weekly expenses of $50 for the Psychedelic Rangers, heat, electricity, etc. The ballroom staff donates its time to perform the various other tasks necessary to keep the ballroom open every week. Also there is the money for the bands who perform for us every week. And finally, there is the construction costs of the Artist's Workshop which will begin in the near future. If you have been reading the previous issues of the Sun, you already know what a struggle t's been to get our shit together. We can only criticize ourselves for past mistakes and continue to deal with them as best we know how. Because this is the very first ballroom we've ever had, things are a little loóse at times while we are figuring out how to build a successful People's Ballroom. The past three weeks have demonstrated the type of cooperation that will help the People's Ballroom to grow. On Friday Oct. 6, Radio King and His Court of Rhytnm and Walrus got everybody off their asses, with TNT and Leaves of Grass rockin' on Saturday. Sunday was jazz day with Loka Naadha performing killer high energy jams to a small but enthusiastic audience. TNT were so knocked out by the ballroom that they donated their share of the money to help us grow! We were able to deposit almost $150 that week! When you stop to consider that all the bands who play in the ballroom do so without guaranteed pay and most of these same bands need the money to survive as bad as the ballroom does, you can begin to understand the kind of consciousness that is being developed. On Oct. 13 and 14 all the crazies got it out with Detroit and Flack. All of those people who think that Detroit has lost its energy should check out the all new Detroit with brother Rusty Day! l'm sure that everyone who was there will agree with me. It was Killer! The People's Ballroom cleáred almost $50. Watch out! This past weekend, Oct. 20 and 21, the ballroom witnessed perhaps some of the best rock'n'roll around. The first group was the Bad Luck and Trouble Blues Band, which proved to be more rock'n'roll and less blues, but no one seemed to mind too much. Even more ot a surprise were the Rockets. Have Mercy! Rocket music to jet you away. By the end of their set everybody was ready to testify! On Sunday there was an HRP benefit with the flick "Alice in Wonderland." This weekend found us in the red again with not enough money to pay the bands all that they deserve. But they were willing to be patiënt until we could get it together. I realize that I should say more about the bands, but they can say it much better than I can. Maybe you should make it a point to go to the People's Ballroom every week so you don't miss out. While you are there you can also piek up on the genuine A2 People's Ballroom T-Shirts! They're available at the Tribal Council Food Committee stand. They cost $2 and about half of that goes back to the ballroom. So cop a TShirt and support the People's Ballroom, it's one concrete way to help the Ballroom now! The best way for you to find out what's goinq on is to cali the Tribal Network. have any questions at all about the People's Ballroom just give them a buzz. Don't forget that the ballroom will be closed this Homecoming Weekend, but will return the following weekend with more tasty rock'n'roll with Deliverance. Check this issue of the Sun for more Information. Music and Ballroom Committee -