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Vote On Abortion, Taxes, Jail

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This amendment will permit women to have abortions through the first 20 weeks of pregnancy anywhere in Michigan. Women will still need a doctor's permission but they won't need the consent of their husbands andor the fetus's father. If the law passes, women will no longer have to travel to New York, the closest state where abortions are legal on demand. Proposition B will especially benefit poor women, hundreds of whom are butchered each year by quack abortionists in Michigan. PROPOSITION C - YES This will virtually abolish property taxes for financing schools across the state. Property taxes are among the most regressive taxes because they dictate that rich communities have lots of money for education and poor communities have little. That is of ten why poor people do not get good educations, why they drop out, why they don't get good jobs and why they stay poor. PROPOSITION D - YES Proposition C will not mean much without Proposition D, which will permit a graduated income tax at the state level. Money raised from a graduated ncome tax should be used to pay for schools all over the state, distributed equally among school districts. More mportantly, a graduated tax should eventually put a damp on bigtime executives who bloodsuck mil'ions while paying a drop in the bucket in taxes. PROPOSITION E - NO This would force Washtenaw County taxpayers to shell out $6.3 million for a fancy jail to hold almost 500 prisoners. We think this is absurd. The present jail is a snakepit, for sure, and should be remodelled so inmates can have proper recreational, medical and other facĂ­ lities. Better still, most convicts should be released to go to school, to work or to learn whatever they want. Rather than be cooped up behind bars, they should be allowed to stay in college dorms or at home or with friends.