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News Of The G.i. Struggle

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There is a very heavy thing going down in this country concerning the G.l. movement. Operating out of Chicago is CAMP (Chicago Área Military Project) NEWS, a monthly publication on the G.l. movement. The G.l. movement is coming together more and more as underground papers are sprouting up all over this country's military installations. The papers are peopled by active duty Gis, vets and civilians. CAMP tries to compile most of the important information from "local" off post papers into a national G.l. movement news service. A lot of people wonder what the G.l. movement actually is and does. It is bringing to light the corruption of some of the military's agencies and giving "G.l. Joe" a word or two into what he's supposed to die for. The green machine hates bad publicity and dissent and has dealt very harshly with active duty protestors and drafted "peace freaks" by either railroading them into the stockade with no bail on trumped up charges, a sudden overseas assignment, or an undesirable discharge. All of which are an effective way for the brass to "break up" any G.l. dissent group or paper. Most forts, like prisons are located 2 million miles from nowhere, so the brass are able to get away with it, without the "people" finding out. But, vets are returning, along with rainbow brothers and sisters to work with G.l.s at coffee houses, unions and papers. Of course, big brother has reacted by sicing HISC (House Internat Security Commission), CID (military equivalent of CIA) and CIA on different groups across the country, at the same time babbling about "a communist attempted subversión of the military" or "their main aim is to créate so much dissent in the Army that the service would be incapable of waging another war." Working closely with G.l. and draft counselors, is CCCO (Central committee for Conscientious Objectors), founded in 1948. These beautiful people do extensive research into the "ever-changing" military and selective service laws. Every month, they compile a newsletter of changes and interpretations of these complex laws and mail them to draft and military counselors across the country at a minimal subscription fee. Both CAMP & CCCO are time tested and effective, and survive from contributions and subscriptions. CAMP NEWS is a must for the "Nam" vet and welcomes stories, poems and graphics from active duty G.l.s and vets. A list of publications is available from CCCO upon request. Their national office is 2016 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA 19103. These righteous brothers and sisters need your support and energy. Power to the people's papers.