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QUESTION: Who do you think will win the presidential election and why?

Jim Rocco, inspector n a Spring Plant and UAW representative. I'm all for McGovern but Nixon will win because he's made the right political moves. His Vietnam peace move is a farce but he'll fool enough people to win.

Jim Bramlet, thinker. McGovern will win, no doubt about it because at the last minute when all these people get into the booths they'll freak and f they have a conscious mind they'll have to vote for McGovern.

Joan Gibson. Nixon will win because the American voter is reactionary. It's all very rational because he hasn't done anything for workers and they are the ones supporting him.

Vicky Stevens, student at Tappan Hr. High. I think it's going to be McGovern. I may be an idealist, but I have too much faith in the American people to think that Nixon would win.

This week's Voice of a People was done on election day at the polls as hundreds of people waited in line for up to five hours to cast their ballot.