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Concerned brothers and sisters wanting to correspond with prisoners can come to an M.C.P.R. meeting to deal specifically with this important work, Thursday, Nov. 16, 8:30 p.m., Room 124 in the E. Quad Residential College. FLASH! The Tribal Network will hold a meeting and training session for people who want to help Network function better as a communications center for the Rainbow community on Monday, November 20th. Be at the Community Center at 502 E. Washington at 12 noon. FLASH! There are times when people have a job to be done, but don't have the time andor skill to take care of the job. There are also times when brothers and sisters in the community have a skill, time and energy, and need some bucks. In order to hook the workers up with those people who need work done a Labor Switchboard is being organized through the Tribal Network. There will be an organizational meeting on November 15th at the Community Center. POWER TO THE WORKERS! FLASH! The Halloween Bucket Drive for the Childrens Comrnunity Center (of the Tribal Council Education Comm.),the Pass It On Freedom School, and the Child Care Action Project (Project Community) brought in $270.00, and brought together a lot of progressive people and their money. Right on! (And don't forget the People's Education Committee meets every Wednesday at 8PM at 427 Hamilton St.) FLASH! The Children's Community Center ís desperately searching for a building we can use daily to opérate a child care program. If you can assist us n finding a space, cali SkipTaube at 761-1709. FLASH! The Housing Switchboard is a joint effort between the People's Housing Committee and the Tribal Network and YOU! Created to help service people's housing needs, the switchboard needs everyone to particípate. Just moved out of your house or apt.? Try giving the Housing Switchboard a cali to turn the space over to your brothers and sisters instead of leaving the control in the hands of the landlords. Or if you need a place to live the switchboard may be able to turn you on to just what you need. Cali the Tribal Network at 663-4208 FLASH! If you are into helping the People's Ballroom develop a killer light show, cali Tribal Network and leave your name and phone number. People are in the process of developing a light show collective to take us even higher than just the music can and we need everyone's ideas and equipment to pull the whole show together.