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Dear SUN, It has come to my notice that your newspaper s the only underground newspaper, or even aboveground newspaper (including the Ann Arbor News, my friends) which does not print letters of criticism of the paper tself. This seems to be contradictory to your basic philosophy of expansión, l'm sure this is one reason why many people think the SUN is extremely biased toward tself. And people will continue to think this way until the SUN opens up and prints the letters it receives. A great portion of the people feel that they are not being represented and publication of letters of criticism (and praise) would bring the SUN closer to the people and this is what we all desire. I repeat that the SUN is the only newspaper that does not print the letters it receives. Opening up this channel of Communications seems to be a necessary step to truly becoming a people's paper. POWER to POSITIVE CRITICISM and the REVOLUTIONARY NEWS MEDIA