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WNRZ 102.9 fm 663-0569

Monday thru Saturday

6am-10am Mike Green

10am-3pm Righteous Bob Rudnick

3pm-8pm Mike O'Brien

8pm-1am Larry Monroe

1am-6am Anne Christ


noon-4pm John Christian

4pm-7pm Tribal Council People's Communication Committee "Takin' Over"

7pm-1am Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival of the Air w/John Sinclair

*Community Rap Show with George Sproull Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7pm


WABX 99.5 fm 981-8888


7am-11am Dave Perry

11am-3pm Dave Dixon

3pm-7pm Jack Broderick

7pm-11pm Dennis Frawley

11pm-3am Dan Carlisle

3am-7am Paul Greiner


3pm-7pm Mark Perentau

3am-7am Dick Thyne

Wednesday same as Tuesday


11pm-3am Paul Greiner


3am-11am Dave Perry

11am-3pm Jack Broderick

3pm-7pm Mark Perentau

7pm-11pm Dennis Frawley

11pm-3am Paul Greiner

3am-7am Dick Thyne


7am-noon Jack Broderick

noon-5pm Mark Perentau

5pm-10pm Dan Carlisle

10pm-3am Dick Thyne


7am-noon Jack Broderick

noon-5pm Dave Dixon

5pm-9pm Dan Carlisle  

9pm-10pm Hour of Quadrophonic Sound with Mark Perentau

10pm-3am Paul Greiner

3am-7am Dick Thyne

CJOM 88.7 FM (519) 252-7313

OUT OF CONTROL *now top 40 hits

WCBN 89.5 fm 761-3500

Monday thru Friday

9am-noon The Morning Show Hirsch, Bowman, Kreissman, Seidenstein, Hummeny

noon-4pm Progressive Rock

4pm-7pm Folk Music

7pm-11pm Rhythm and Blues

11 pm-3am Progressive Rock


10am-noon 20th Century Music

noon-4pm Progressive Rock

4pm-5pm New Release

5pm-8pm Jeff Block

8pm-11pm Al Turski


2pm-5pm Pam Tucker

5pm-7pm Black Edition

7pm-11pm Rhythm and Blues


Paul Greiner's shows on WABX have been ascending to new heights lately, including one night last week when ABX listeners were treated to some tasty Jimmy Reed and Elmore James, along with a record by Timothy Leary . . . Dennis Frawley has been kicking out the jams on ABX like he hasn't in some time; we tuned in Halloween night and things were smokin indeed . . . Last Sunday night Danny Carlisle did a show with a tape that Lightin (formerly Guardian Angel) made at the last Otis Spann Memorial Field Tribal Stomp. In the usual weirdo commercial radio world it's almost impossible for a good local group to be heard on the radio unless they've already recorded an album and it's in the stores. As a consequence, we miss out on a lot of good music. Thanks to ABX for giving Lightnin the exposure they deserve ... In other developments at the big X the management and staff recently united and broadcast editorials urging people to Get Out and Vote for George McGovern ... Hopefully WABX will continue to expand the scope of the tunes and information it puts on the air waves, providing real community radio at least to Detroit which needs it badly.