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Forgotten Works

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Forgotten Works  

410 N. 4th Ann Arbor

"Nobody knows how old the Forgotten Works are, reaching as they do into distances we cannot travel nor want to.

Nobody has been very far into Forgotten Works, except that guy Charley who wrote a book about them, and I wonder what his trouble was, to spend weeks in there.

The Forgotten Works just go on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on. You get the picture. It's a big place, much bigger than we are."

- R. Brautigan

                                         Forgotten Works

Antique & bizarre clothing, victorian thru 50's styles, shoes, hats, coats, robes, furs, lamps, stash boxes, and generally weird shit from the past. Stop in FORGOTTEN WORKS behind Farmer's Market in Antique Village. 410 N. 4th Ave., Sat-Sun 9-6. But be careful, you might get lost.