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Most Hifi producĂ­s are sold at LIST PRICE, because in Michigan we have "fair-trade" laws and that's almost like price fixing! The guys at D.S.I. have a way to get around these unfair "fair-trade" laws. We cali it the D.S.I. "SUPER PACKAGE". Simply, get all your friends together and consolĂ­date your HI-FI needs. Then come down to D.S.I. and we'll save you as much as 40% on the "SUPER PACKAGE". Remember, the BIGGER the PACKAGE, the BIGGER theSAVINGS! ROCK'tfROLL We'll sell you SRO's, GAUSS, J.B. LANSING, VEGA. SHURE, E-V, CROWN, SOUNDCRAFTSMEN, S.A.E., ALTEC, and more. Others may sell the same products, BUT the guys at D.S.I. sell these products for less! REG. D.S.I. E.V. SRO 15 " $105.00 $63.80 RE-11MIC $177.50 $85.00 SHURE 585 SA MIC $85.00 $35.00 (offer expires 11-30 72) SERVICE We'll fix any piece of HI-FI or ROCK equipment you own. We'll fix it fast and we won't rip you off! SAVE 20% ON REPAIR LABOR WITH THIS AD