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Published by the Rainbow People's Party

1520 Hill Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 (313) 761-1709

The SUN Editorial Board: John Collins, Kathv Kelley, Linda Ross, Walden Simper, Mike Minnich, Ann Hoover


Ever since the election it's been hard to get away from feelings of despair, gloom, futility and just plain negativeness on the part of community workers, street people, students, and rainbow people in general. It's as if people believe the tissue of horse shit we've been dumped with, thinking that we'll never be able to cause the changes   we know are so necessary to people's very survival.

To us, here at the Sun, the Nixon/Agnew re-election shows only a blatant reminder of how much work we have to do, how much more organized we have to get to bring people together to create the new lifestyle, politics, and economic system so many people dream pdf every day.

The Vietnamese people are the ever shining brighter example we have to face. The worst bombing strikes ever to take place during the whole war have been since the election, the election that promised peace with doves all over Times and News**, and actually halted the war for some days to insure victory for Dr. Doom and his Death Machine.  What a ruse. Tens of thousands of tons of bombs falling, falling, the rain of terror for so many years on beautiful people and land we can't hardly think about it. In Vietnam Ngo Vinh long wrote:

"On this land

Where each blade of grass is human hair

Each foot of soil is human flesh

Where it rains blood

Hail bones

Life must flower"

The spirit and will of a people for peace and self-determination is proving time and again to be the strongest motivating force on the planet. We have to gain sight of that fact, take hold of it, and figure out how that relates to our every day lives.

Two great lessons we can learn clearly from the Vietnamese people are the lessons of Unity and Perseverance. We know that the Tribal Council and the potential Human Rights Party are two organizations here in Ann Arbor working to bring people together to create whole new ways of organizing our community to take care of our needs and problems. We hope people will check these things out and keep in touch.

For the Vietnamese, there is nothing else but to fight, every day, all their lives, for many centuries. Their perseverance is astounding, and they still smile, and laugh and sing. In Ann Arbor we have begun to understand ourselves as a people, and some killer things are happening. All we have to look forward to is what we create together.


Community Staff-Gary Grimshaw, John Moryes, Shaun McShaun, Mark, David Fenton, Alice Robertson, Genie, Pun Greg Sobran, Mike Brady, Amy Horowitz

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