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After being run our of the Solstis bldg. by the State inspectors the Pass It On Freedom School has gone to the people of the two largest educational institutions n Ann Arbor; the AA Public School's Pioneer 2 (Earthworks) & the University of Michigan's Pilot Program in Alice Lloyd Dorm. They asked simply : Can we use some of y our space?


Students YES, 25-10 YES, 333-7

Administrator YES, Tom Dodd YES, Danny Wilbach

Immediate Boss YES; Alan Schreiber (Principal of Pioneer II) YES, Standing Committee 6-1

Ultimate Boss NO, Bruce McFearson (Sup't, of AA Public Schools) NO, Hank Johnson, VP of Student Affairs, UM

Fire& Health Inspectors YES YES

Ways to do it Remain autonomous as an independent school - or enroll children in AA Skools W/understanding that all Pass It On students will be assigned to Pioneer II

Remain autonomous within Pilot Program- or be sponsored by Dean of Education School, or/and President Flemming

Pass It On Freedom School is an outlaw group.

John Butler, the director, faces a possible ten year prison sentence for illegal teachings.

Parents face persecution and penalty for failure to comply with the compulsory education laws. The children face a sentence of 12 years in 'public' skools for truancy.

Some families' children have been forced back into public skools. Others await further legal action by the State agencies. And the rest of the people want to challenge the obsolete compulsory education laws.

Pass It On could put down the torch and quit, or secondly disband & reorganize in January, or try to not irk the authorities & get legal, or lastly they could proceed as they are now, regardless of the laws, doing what's right by each child.

Help Pass It ON - Write letters to the AA NEWS & DAILY and to the bosses - Struggle for Freedom.


There is a crying need in our community for low-cost quality child care programs that are not just custodial day care services. Children and their parents are looking for alternatives to the expensive programs already existing; alternatives that provide a supportive environment for a child's natural curiosity and desire to learn. We need to also free families from restrictive roles, enabling them to participate in their child's education. Our intentions are to involve all segments of this community, and to use the whole community as our 'classroom.' And finally, we are ready and wanting to begin immediately.

We want to find a space where we can care for approximately 10-20 children, 2 1/2-6 years, Monday through Friday from 8am-5:30pm.

We will fund the Center through tuition (on a sliding scale), benefits, donations, and grants.

We have a staff, including parents, of six fulltime educational workers, plus an over-abundance of student and community volunteers.

We anticipate being responsible for some rent if necessary, insurance, building maintenance and utilities, etc.

We have many supplies and some good educational equipment on hand. We also plan on preparing lunches and snacks, so use of a kitchen would be desirable.

The Center's operations will be determined by all involved, with children, staff and parents designing philosophy and making decisions cooperatively.

The Children's Community has a short history. At the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival, we successfully operated a free child care tent in conjunction with the Tribal Council Education Committee - the first of its kind at a major festival. We are presently operating a free child care program in conjunction with UM Project Community on Friday and Saturday nights together with the People's Ballroom in space provided by the Free Clinic at the Community Center at 502 E. Washington.

We trust that this initial proposal makes our need clear, and that you will find it possible to help us grow.

For more information contact: Skip Taube, 761-1 709, or write C.C.C., 1 520 Hill, Ann Arbor 48104.

"It is necessary in communal education to cultivate in the children and youth the spirit of love for their friends and the people in order to develop the spirit of collectivism...It is important to educate the younger generation in the spirit of loving the future." Kim Il Sing

Photo by Lynette Taube