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Dear SUN,

I think it's really far-out you got your heads together for a new open mind Editorial Policy, and I'd like to offer a little CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to help you attain higher levels of journalistic consciousness.

In your 99% accurate story of the 1972 Ozone Parade, you incorrectly reported that the mile-long Plastic Tube was the Pie-in-the-Ear High School entry. In fact, the Tube was only one-quarter mile long and was entered by Earthworks, formerly Pioneer II Ann Arbor's first fully-accredited "FREE SKOOL." Pie-in-ear Zero had no entry per se.

Hope you see fit to make this information known to the people.

Power to the Revolutionary News Media!

Joe Schwart Earthworks

Bro John,

I'm writing once again still truly in need of assistance you see, my case, has been re Dockett, for a retrial, and I'm trying to get out of prison on bond until time for my trial, so that I may be with my family. Until that time, as you know, I'm making 31 cents an hour and my wife doesn't get more than $122.00 a month and we have many bills. She has to pay for me so I'm in need of $500 so that I may get out of prison on bond. Please put this in your newspaper, anyone willing to help send money order to Larry Farrow No. 28453 P.O. Box 1000 Milan, Michigan 48160.

Thank you,

Larry Farrow

Dear People,

We are letting it be known to all media of the people, that we, the prisoners at the Federal Correctional Institution, Milan, Mich., have formed a group, the Prisoners' Cultural Collective, the purpose of which is to bring about a higher cultural awareness and in doing so close the gigantic gap that now exists between our "society" and the free world.

At the present time we do not have any type of outside or inside sponsorship, nor are we recognized by the administration here. We are working to remedy both of these situations within the very near future.

We have recently become aware of various community organizations and individuals who hold sympathetic views towards prisoners' rights and the goal of community control of prisons. We feel that any exchange of information would be enlightening and beneficial both to us prisoners and to you, the concerned member of the local community.

We are currently thinking in terms of a workshop format to cover such topics as Communications Media, Community Organizing, Sexism, Ecology, History of the American Left, etc. We need films, video tape, letters of support, speakers, creative energies and other creative inputs generated from outside these walls.

If you feel that you can help please write to Roger Mintzer, No. 10565 or Ray Fortman, No. 1-672 with your ideas, suggestions and any physical support you may be able to offer. The least you could do would be to acknowledge this letter to help us in our struggle for recognition here at Milan.

Sincerely yours,

Prisoner Cultural Collective

FCI Milan

Milan, Michigan 48160

My brothers and sisters of the Rainbow People's Party,

I really have been inspired by your publication - the Ann Arbor SUN, your community has really got its shit together, and I hope that it stays that way.

I feel that the amerikan way is breaking slowly and we must continue till we can live in peace.

Like your articles about being gay, because of I am gay.

I have faith in your people.

Yours in struggle, A brother