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The Human Rights Party began last spring as a strong, progressive f orce in the community. People believed in its proposa Is, which were heavy but down-to-earth. And the voters elected two Humans to the Ann Arbor City Council. But then this f all HRP feil on its face. Instead of talking about concrete ideas, HRP candidates swirled about in polemics and abstract concepts. People were dumbfounded. And no Humans were elected. None even carne close. This has left us with a critica situation. We need a vigorous alternative electoral party in this city. And HRP seems to have lest its vigor. The only solution is to change HRP, to "rehumanize" it, as we say on the cover. The first step is for all HRP members to set aside individual istic ideologiesand to work for progressive change in the community. First and foremost, HRP must make its committment to this community and must put the interests of the people ahead of personal interests. If HRP is going to survive, as part of a statewide movement or a national movement, it must buida viable local base here Admittedly there are going to be problems. For instance, HRP is being evicted f rom its headquarters at 304 S. Thayer as of Jan. 1. So it needs a new office. But more importanty, HRP needs new people with a sense of responsibility to the community. In other words it needs you and you and us. All of us are going to have to work, and work hard, if more Humans are to be elected to City Council next spring. That means leal letting, canvassing and voting. But bef ore that, it means jqjning HRP in a serious way, going to the meetings and taking part in the decisions And since we believe HRP will not change without the direct help of Rainbow Community we urge you to read the Sainbow People's Party ana ly sis of HRP in the centerfold. If you don 't think HRP is important, remember that if the Republicans or regressive Democrats regain control of City Council they could abolish everything f rom the Free Concerts to the Community Center So come to the next HRP meeting. Cali 761-6650 or 761-1709 for the time and place