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The People's Food Committee needs a new distribution point n the Hill-Washtenaw-southeast A2 area by January first. It's for the Ann Arbor People's Produce Co-op. What's needed s a space the size of a very large basement- if you've got any deas, contact Jeannie Walsh at 761-1709. FIASH.' Here's the schedule for the People's Ballroom for the next couple weeks: Dec. 15 and 16 -KNOCK DOWN PARTY BAND, MERLON (formerly Marcus) Dec. 22 and 23 -DIESEL SMOKE, DANGEROUS CURVES & RIOSMOKEHOUSE Dec 29, 30 LUCILLE SPANN-ROCKON! FLASH.' Put on your rock and roll shoes, there's going to be a benefit for the Ann Arbor SUN December 18 at Mackinac Jack's with LEAVES OF GRASS and DELIVERANCE! Cover charge is 75, all of which goes to the SUN and will help pay for building the space for the SUN in the basement of the Community Center. FIASH.' t's FREE CONCERT time once again, olks- in keeping with the true rock and oll spirit on which it was founded, the teople's Music and Ballroom Committee is roud to announce the first in a series of :ree Sunday Concerts in the People's allroom, on New Year's Eve! The doors vill open as usual at 8 p.m., with Wise Top rild Boys, and CruzonicJazz Ensenble. FLASH UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU CONTROLLED! Many of our brothers and sisters think that quaaludes and other deathcontrol drugs get them high - and even put them in wine and juice and other relatively innocent refreshments thinking that they'll get their brothers and sisters "high" - when actually they're just helping Uncle Sam keep our people downed out and controlled. So - beware of wine, juice, etc, that someone might offer you. . .and if you do drink some, remember that alcohol and downers are extremely dangerous together. . .LIFE TO THE LIFE CULTURE, DEATH TO THE DEATH CULTURE!! FWSH The Human Rights Party needs your help! The only way t can be a successful alternative party is f the people it represents come to the meetings and particípate in the decisión -mak ing process. Nominating petitions for the primary for city council elections (HRP must particípate in the primary in Feb.) must be in by Jan. 1, so f you or anyone you know would be into running for city council, get your petitions at the city hall! OW! The next HRP meeting (where a new steering committee will be elected) will be January 11 - Cali Network for the time and place. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!! FM5H.' The Human Rights Party is losing its office at 304 S. Thayer-that space is being turned nto a skonk restaurant. If you know of any place that the Hu mans could use for an office, preferably large and cheap, cali 761-6650. FLASH The Education Committee will be meeting on Wednesdays at 8pm. Planning meetings for a Children's Community School and many other child care projects. Come to the meetings at Solstis (706 Oakland) or stop by the People's Ballroom every Friday and Saturday to talk with the child care people there. Cali Skipat 761-1709 for information. FIASH.' Tribal Council Committee Meetings People's Food Committee - Wednesday Canterbury House 7:30 People's Defense Committee - Tuesday 4:00 cali Network for place People's Communications Committee (A2 Sun, Radio Workshop, Rainbow Dist., Tribal Network) - Sundays 4:00 1522 Hill Street Tribal Network - Tuesdays 12:30, 12:00 training for new workers. Community Center People's Education Committee - Wednesdays 8:00 Solstis School 706 Oakland People's Music & Ballroom Committee - Mondays 7:00 1522 Hill Street People's Skilied Trades Committee - Sundays 7:00 1520 Hill Street People's Recycling Committee - cali Tribal Network for time & place People's Transportation Committee - cali J.B. at 761-8522 or 663-4208 Tribal Council Steering Committee -Tuesdays 7:30 Canterbury House