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SUBSCRIBE 1 70 f THE O Free to Prisoners D Va Price to Soldiers D $4.00 for 1 year (26 issues) D $8.00 for 2 years (52 issues) NAM E STREET CITY STATE ZIP SEND TO: Ann Arbor SUN, 1520 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Ml. 48104 -j If you have been thinking about subscribing to the SUN, DO IT NOW! Starting with the next issue , the price of a one year subscription will be raised f rom $4 to $5 for 26 issues. (And to $10 for 2 years). Subscribe now and pay only $4. Also, why not send a gift subscription to a friend (for Christmas?) or a brother or sister in prison. Starting with the next issue, we'll also be offering first class mail service: For $15 a year the SUN will be mailed out to you by first class mail the same day it arriv├ęs from the printer.