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SUBSCRIBE TO THE ANN ARBOR SUN Rainbow Community News Service

Free to Prisoners  1/2 Price to Soldiers   $4.00 for 1 year (26 issues)   $8.00 for 2 years (52 issues)

NAME STREET CITY STATE ZIP SEND TO: Ann Arbor SUN, 1520 Hill St., Ann Arbor, Ml. 48104

If you have been thinking about subscribing to the SUN, DO IT NOW! Starting with the next issue, the price of a one year subscription will be raised from $4 to $5 for 26 issues. (And to $10 for 2 years). Subscribe now and pay only $4. Also, why not send a gift subscription to a friend (for Christmas?) or a brother or sister in prison. Starting with the next issue, we'll also be offering first class mail service: For $15 a year the SUN will be mailed out to you by first class mail the same day it arrives from the printer.