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Don't Forget To Register!

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Don't forget to REGISTER!

Ann Arbor has more young people registered to vote, percentage-wise than any other city in the state - and almost more than any in the country.

Nonetheless, City Clerk Harold Saunders estimates that as many as 15,000 - about half the number of total people who normally vote in a city election - are still not registered.

That's right! As many as 15,000 freeks and students.

So get down to the city clerk's office so you can use that power. All you have to be is 18 years old by April 2 and be living in Ann Arbor right now.

If you want to vote in the Feb. 19 primary you have until Jan. 19 to get registered. That's only a few days away.

The SUN urges you to hike down to City Hall, even though it's freezing cold out, and become a voter. That's what it's going to take if we hope to throw those dinosaurs out of City Hall.