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Has Harvey Flipped Out?

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Has Harvey Flipped Out?

Former Sheriff Doug Harvey, tossed out of office last fall by the voters after eight years as a virtual dictator of Washtenaw County, is reported to be in line to become police chief of Green Oak Township.

Harvey will have to take a cut in pay from $20,000 to less than $10,000 and a reduction in department size from 180 to five. But he'll still be a boss.

Green Oak Township is a small burg near Whitmore Lake in Livingston County. Green Oak officials say Harvey has been living there for about a year, in apparent violation of a county residency requirement for sheriff.

Not that it really matters anymore. Harvey is rumored to have plenty problems.

Associates of his claim he is close to a nervous breakdown. Harvey has spent a good deal of time in St. Joseph Mercy Hospital since his defeat, allegedly for a physical and emotional checkup.

The rest of the time he's spent out of town, and out of reach of reporters and critics.

All Harvey has been willing to say on the record recently is that "I'm damn sick of politics."