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For thousands of years the Vietnamese people have been united, they've united around the land, they've united around their struggle for survival. They're carved and sculpted the land in their own peaceful, balanced image. They've moved the earth to créate a system of dams & dikes that harness the energy of the land and the water and use that energy to give Ufe to the people of Viet Nam. The people love the land, they nurse it, protect and care for it, in return the land supports the people, protects them, keeps bright the spirit of independence and self-determination. The people's culture is deeply rooted in the land, it reflects the people's struggle for survival, the culture and the people are as od as the earthland where they live. From this massive unity the Vietnamese people go on to surmount all obstacles, from raging f loods to raging bombs. The Agents of Death make feeble attempts to demoralize the people and destroy their unity that they have cultivated for thousands of years. Periodically the world wide system of honk reports the death of one of their beloved leaders in the hopes that the people wil loose sight of their goals. General Giap is such a leader that has been announced killed Vi a dozen times in the past 20 years. Most recently he was reported killed in Haiphong, but on the very day of his supposed death, he had this to say about the damage of the bombs and the perserverance of the people, "Hanoi and Haiphong and other cities may be destroyed but the Vietnamese people will not be intimadated." Earlier, in June of 1972 he wrote the following history of the Vietnamese struggle and the culture that grew out of it. "Our country is rich and beautiful, endowed with abundant natural resources. Moreover, it occupies a strategie position in Southeast Asia on important water and land communication Unes running north-south and east-west, and is like a staging área or a bridgehead for advancing from the mainland into the sea and vice versa. That is why major aggressive forces have always coveted our country and wanted to invade it in order to exploit and enslave our people and use it as a springboard for expansión in various directions. Throughout its age-old history, our nation has had to face frequent aggressions, wage repeated patriotic wars, to safeguard its national independence and stage many insurrections and liberation wars to regain independence. In this process, our people's national sentiment and consciousness, their In recent months the peace seeking , peace loving peope of the world have been subjected to the crueest, most diabólica! plot ever to be concéived in the minds of twisted and perverted men. Dick Nixon and his pack of blood thirsty monsters exploit, manipúlate and use to their own evil ends, the most beautiful and noble desires of the world community for peace. Like a yo-yo the world peoples hopes are raised, only to see them exploded on the TV screen as hospitas, schools, suburbs and cities are devastated by the mad thrashings of lunatic Nixon. "Peace is at hand" turns out to be another sick campaign trick as the heaviest bomb ing in the history of the world resumes a couple of days after the election. The most deadly devises ever designed by wat mongers are indiscriminately rained on the peaceful peoples of Indochina. The worlds' collective mind is blown every day by the antics of Rabid Richard and his crew of killers. Everyday we are told of new atrocities inflicted wantonly on an entire race and nation of people in our name. For the people in TVand the Commander-in-Chief-Executioner wrings his hands and weeps for the POWs. He whimpers and whines about peace. For the people of Indochina he sharpens his sword, grins his sickly grin, and another plane takes off f rom aircraft carriers or bases throughout SE Asis. To reek more death and destruction. To make more war. It's the counter-reverse doublé cross that Tricky Dick is running on the people of Amerika. The ruse is to send thousands upon thousands of more planes over the People's Democratie Republic of Vietnam, from this will come hundreds, maybe even thousands more POWs. Nixon will then use some abstract "patriotism" or "honor' con on the masses of peope to hoodwink them into a frenzy. His master plan calis for the defense of Honk for another quarter century. He woud use the rhetoric of "patriotism" and "peace with honor" to justify putting the necular snuff on all of S. E. Asia, he woud WARMONGERS: M sense of being masters of the country, and their stamna and dauntlessness have not ceased growing. Step by step they have built up and vigourously cultivated a tradition which we dearly treasure: one of heroic struggle against foreign agression for independence and freedom. "Our country is a small country with neither a vast territory nor a large population. At the beginning of the Christian era, our people lived mainly in present-day North Viet Nam and Northern Central Viet Nam. The population numbered about one million at the time of the Trung Sisters fnote: the Trung Sisters were two young Vietnamese sisters who lead the very f irst uprisings in that country, . Later our national territory was broadened and its population also increased. But the f orces of aggression we had to deal with were in most cases many times bigger than our own f orces. Thus, compelled to oppose small forces to much bigger ones in order to defend our land and repel the invaders, we had to bring into play the f uil potential of our entire people and our whöle country, and could not count on the army alone. "Our wars against the foreign aggressions were all in defense of a ust cause. Our people were imbued with ardent patriotism, a high sense of national unity and sovereignty, and an indomitable spirit of resistance. Therefore, during those national insurrections and national wars, in terms of military organization, there were either armed insurgent masses or a national army, or, more commonly, a combination of armed popular masses with national army, or of national army with armed popular masses. Our nation has set at an early date and unceasingly enhanced the tradition of "the whole country joining forces" against foreign aggression. It is one of the keys to success which the national hem Tran Quoc Tuan raised to a principie as early as the 13th century on the strength of the age-old combat experience of our people. This principie has been developed into the present line of 'Unity of the entire people.' " The Vietnamese people are bound to the earth, through the water and mud and roots of their rice paddies, the bond cannot be broken by bombs, or chemicals, or threats of world war, or the death of a leader. They cannot renegotiate, except to say they want peace and freedom and independence, to do otherwise woud be to go contrary to the age-old demands and traditions of the people and the land. It isn't the nature of the Vietnamese people to be inconsistent. " say it was necessary to waste all of Indochina "in order to save our boys." Tricky Dick got a new bag every week to work out of. Now t's "Honkinzaztion" of S. Vietnam. Now it's troop pull outs, now t's Kissinger, now it's "protective reaction" now it's "meaningful neogations", now it's "secret talks." But it all spels "Death". Foul, deceatful, miscreant swinesnakes that they are. Nixon squeeked by in 1968 with a 1% margin on his slippery peace promise, slimed and maneuvered the mass media right up to election day 1972. McGovern wimped out and Slick Dick slimed through by manipulating the mass media consciousness like a wizard. Nixon isn't even waiting for his innaugeration to begin his "four more years" of banditery and terrorism. Every day, at millions of dollars a clip, B52's and F1 11 's are blasted out of the sky by the righteously deadly aim of the Vietnamese people. The crews are captured or killed by the survivors of this mass slaughter. Hanoi reports that 1,318 people have been killed and 1,261 wounded in the bombing raids in Hanoi alone. The homicida manies in the Defense Department have developed new "carpet bombing" techniques directed at population centers, designed to demoralize the population and undermine their will to resist Pig. Over 80 new POW's have been captured by the Vietnamese people. Four million out of 14 million acres of Vietnam forests have been sprayed with herbicides and defoliants by the imperialist planes of pig. 800,000 more acres have been flattened in the mad search for the "enemy," (read people) For every 15 acres one is poisoned to deny the people food. $900 million in death devices have been turned over to a small group of S. Vietnamese puppets, economie aid to them has reached more than $575 million annually to the S. Vietnamese henchmen. South Vietnam now has the third largest airforce in the world, the human being lawnmower grinds on, chop, chop, chop. VSTERS OF DEATHÜ