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WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR EXPERIENCE WITHBOGUSDOPE? Billy Lucken- SUN I saw one guyat the People's Ballroom



Billy Lucken – SUN seller – I saw one guy at the People’s Ballroom and I had a fake camera with a little light on it and when you clicked it the little light would go on. I did it once to the guy and I didn’t know he was bummed out and he hit me. The first time I heard of drugs I was scared of them but now I’m not. The hard drugs like smack and stuff I don’t like.

Kathy Feldkamp – The only drug I do is marijuana. I figure that’s the only thing you can be sure of. There’s a lot of bogus LSD and Quaaludes are definitely bad. I have a cigarette habit like crazy and I can’t get rid of it. My lungs are a garbage pile.

Steve Forbrick – SUN seller – l haven’t had many experiences with bogus drugs. I have a friend that used to be a junky we didn’t find out for a while. He used to rip off and finally he got sent away. We were friends and he used to think we weren’t; like we were his enemies and we wanted to get money or dope off of him. He was really fucked up.

Hare Krishna Brother – I’ve never taken them myself. People shouldn’t do them unless they can regulate themselves and do only 1 or 2 a week. People I know can’t do that, they take too many and they’re always tripping around and sloppy.

Phyllis – Being a person who has experienced Quaaludes, I feel they’re dangerous to anybody’s mental and physical wellbeing. For me it was just another experience of learning that peace has to come from within and not from without. Not from drugs, not from people around you but just by accepting life. Downers are not the way.

This weeks Voice of a People done by Alice Robertson and Heidi Lucken.