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Michigan Boogie! - People's Ballroom

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With the burning of the People's Ballroom we now have in front of us a people's struggle for a new building. A struggle for property that the city and the banks hold onto with a death grip. Using the parking lot ruse as an excuse to tear down the entire Washington St. structure, including the Ballroom which could have been made usable once again except for the whims of City Council and the Ann Arbor Bank, the city has now forced upon rainbow people all over the community the task of recreating the Ballroom someplace else. Several proposed sites are being looked into at full speed because WE KNOW WE CAN’T DO WITHOUT IT. We know as long as we are separated, put back into the streets, apartments, dorms and communes of Ann Arbor that there isn't enough room for us to grow like we have to.

The People's Ballroom was, and most importantly will be again, a place where rainbow workers and community organizers from all areas, music, defense, food, skilled trades work together to determine our conditions, our food, our media and entire lives. A place where we can become a powerful collective force that can deal with all aspects of life on the planet from health to culture ACCORDING TO OUR NEEDS not the needs of a few individuals who right now determine the laws and rules that form conditions all around us. WE KNOW WHAT WE NEED . . .

The WNRZ COMMUNITY MARATHON has provided one active way for people to move on re-establishing the Ballroom, the Free Clinic, Ozone House, Drug Help, and a People's Community Center. With a week-long storewide bucket drive and a day-long street bucket drive, three benefits, going out to the radio station to rap, answering phoned in pledges, selling the advertising, and working on the live broadcasts from the benefits, there was tremendous amounts of work for people to plug into. And musicians have been coming forth to be among the hardest workers on the project. A joint effort with RADIO KING Gil Thomas of DIESEL-SMOKE/DANGEROUS CURVES, Al Jacquez of LIGHTNIN’ and the People’s Communications Committee put a Marathon benefit radio ad on the air ... LIGHTNIN’ also produced by themselves a 60 second spot with their new single HIJACKING LOVE in the background letting everyone know about the benefits and the bucket drives ... Jeff Jones of LIGHTNIN’ has been working on the technical end of the broadcasts to make sure the bands sound really good on your radio ... THE ROCKETS and the MOJO BOOGIE BAND also made testimonial tapes for the Marathon ... It's the SURVIVAL BOOGIE!

Next time you’re on South University check out the back wall of Village Corners for another plot in the rock & roll conspiracy.