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It’s good to hear that IRON HO­RSE EXCHANGE will be taking the stage again; last time Ann Arbor had a chance to hear them was at the park last summer ... Coming up next Tuesday-Thursday, Jan. 23-25, you can catch a special return appearance by MIGHTY JOE YOUNG and his 4-piece Chicago Blues band at the infamous Blind Pig, 208 S. First St., … MILES DAVIS is coming to the Pease Auditorium at EMU on February 10 ... MORE CHANGES: RADIO KING has brought a new singer into the Court, a sister who used to sing gospel ... Bad, Luck and Trouble from Ypsilanti changed their name to LOCOMOBILE. Certainly fits better as things keep surging ahead like they’ve been ... The MOJO BOOGIE BAND just added a new bass player from the wilds of Butte, Montana, Doug Stoughton. The Mojos did a truly fine set at the Power Center last week with LUTHER ALLISON from sweet home, Chicago ... The WILD BOYS, finally out of the practice room and into the bars with last: Tuesday’s People’s Ballroom benefit at the Odyssey, just spent a night putting their material on tape at Morgan Sound Theater which you’ll be hearing SOON ... WALRUS, just back from gigs in Marquette, put their feelings about it out at their second set at the Odyssey benefit ...

The all-new DETROIT with Rusty Day has just shifted personnel and is working on some new material getting ready to get back where they belong .... Mitch Ryder did a set (like he almost did the night the People’s Ballroom burned) with the KNOCK DOWN PARTY BAND last week at Bimbo’s in Ypsilanti ... The rising ROCKETS just finished a long gig at the Rock and Roll Farm in Wayne ... COMMANDER CODY will be taking the ozone crew with him on a tour of European army bases .... Michigan’s own BOB SEGER is currently recording his next Palladium album at Leon Russell’s $6,000,000 sound studio in Tijuana, Oklahoma ... GRAND FUNK RAILROAD was featured last week along with FREDDIE KING on the special ABC “In Concert” night time t.v. fm stereo simulcast program over robot WRIF. It was a great show all in all, watching the Funksters (with their killer new keyboard player) get down right along with the jumping, screaming audience right there on the boob-tube. Wish t.v. was like that more of the time! At one point Farner singing ‘I’m Your Captain” was faded out into a film segment of Mark, Don and Mel rapping with people from Phoenix House, a heroin treatment program in New York that received the proceeds from 2 of the Funks New York appearances. GRAND FUNK’s been taking the lead among nationally known musicians in the fight to keep the pollution-genocide of death drugs out of our communities ... And even the ROLLING STONES are doing a benefit in L.A. next week for the victims of the Nicaraguan earthquake. Jagger’s wife, Bianca, comes from Nicaragua so it touched Mick’s heart. That’s cool, but why don’t they take some of their economic power and BRING IT ON BACK HOME to the needs of the People who buy their records and make their existence possible in the first place ....

DR. JOHN has a new single out appropriately titled IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME which hasn’t been released yet but can be heard by tuning in on WNRZ-FM, which got a hold of a test-pressing of the record in advance ... MORE ACTION AT THE BIG Z: included recent interviews with Lucille Spann and Luther Allison done by Righteous Rudnick ... John Sinclair’s TOKE-TIME Sunday night