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The Ann Arbor SUN needs your help if it is to grow and survive as a community newspaper. If you have anything you would like to see in the SUN, write it down and bring it over to 1520 HilI St., or give us a call at 761-1709, and we'll take the information. We need people interested in working on layout and design, artists, people interested in working on the calendar - people who can get into working on the SUN to make it a true community newspaper. We also need any office supplies, desks, typewriters, art supplies, paper, everything needed for the production of a newspaper. Got any news? Cali the SUN at 761-1709. SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER - HELP IT GROW!


    The Children's Community Center is in Immediate need of educational materials (books, paints, games, blocks, instruments, tools, etc.), a reliable vehicle for trips a round town, and volunteers who can work at least two 1/2 days per week. If you can help, please leave a message for Skip at 761-1709.

   The Ann Arbor People's Produce Co-op, serving the people since 1969, just opened a third distribution point.

(1) Order & Pick Up - Northside School, 912 Barton Dr., 662-0395, 761-9281

(2) Order - 1006 Lincoln - order before Thursday 8pm, 662-6036. Pick Up - 1035 Martin Place

(3) Pick Up & Order - 634 S Main St., 665-6580. Order M-W  5-11pm, Thurs. 5-8pm.

   The Tribal Council Hard Drugs Committee is now organizing to wage a campaign to rid our community of quaaludes and other death drugs. If you are interested in working with us, cali 761-1709 and leave your name and number, or come to our meetings every Thursday at 2:00, 1520 Hill Street. LIFE TO THE LIFE CULTURE - DEATH TO THE DEATH CULTURE!

The Human Rights Party will be holding a platform convention Feb. 3 and 4. Cali up the HRP office at 761-6650 and sign up - for one or more committees of people who will sit down and figure out basic plans for dealing with education, health, child care, transportation, police, etc.

   The next mass meeting of the Washtenaw County Human Rights Party will be Thursday, Feb. 1 - cali the HRP at 761 -6650 for time and place. (And for those of you who were bogued out by the Jan. 11 meeting - there's a committee working on humanizing the procedures). Come to the meeting - Re-humanize HRP!

  Human Rights Party Women's Caucus will meet on Thursday, Jan. 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the HRP office at 516 E. William above the Campus Bike Shop.

   The City Committee of HRP that creates legislation on behalf of HRP for City Council meets every Sunday at 3:00 pm in the HRP office.

   And Steering Committee meetings are on Tuesday nights at 7:30 at the HRP office.

    Lettuce Boycott will be passing out leaflets at the A&P on Thursday, Jan. 25, since the A&P has been carrying non-union lettuce & is now a target nationwide for the lettuce boycott. Call 763-0285 for information.

     In case you missed the WNRZ COMMUNITY MARATHON Jan. 22 and 23, you can still help the People's  Ballroom and Tribal Council by sending contributions to Box 372, Ann Arbor, Ml. We are still looking for a space for the Ballroom and People's Community Center - i f you know of a large suitable building, call Walden at 769 9360 or leave a message at 761-1709. HELP IT GROW!

   The People's Recycling Committee now has an office in Solstis School, 706 Oakland. If you have recycling you want done or want to participate in the Recycling Committee (whose motto is "Nothing is waste!") come to the Recycling Committee meetings every Thursday at 4:30 at Solstis, or stop by the office.

   The Human Rights Party will hold a statewide convention on Feb. 27 and 28, starting at 11 : 30 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday , in the Faculty Lounge of the Michigan Union - call the HRP, 761-6650, for more information about what will be discussed.

    The People's Defense Committee of the Tribal Council has been conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Dec.15 th Community Center fire.If you were at the ballroom or the Community Center the night of the fire or the next morning, or if you've had experience with the Ann Arbor Fire Department before - contact us by calling 761-1729.

    There's a new newspaper in town, New Morning, put out by Media Access Center and New Morning Bookstore - costs 50 cents. Check it out - Power to the people's press!

   JANUARY 24-6 YEARS OF STRUGGLE! On Jan. 24, 1967, 56 people were busted in Detroit, mostly freaks who worked with the Artist's Workshop, allegedly a "Campus Dope Ring." A result of this was the filing of a brief challenging the constitutionality of the Michigan dope laws - and subsequently the law was struck down, and a new law was passed making it a misdemeanor to smoke the sacrament. We're still struggling with that law - WE WANT FREE LEGAL BACKYARD MARIJUANA!