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    The Tribal Council Steering Committee meets weekly (sometimes more often) to talk about current and future Tribal Council activities - to report on what the different committees are doing, and to discuss what's going on in the Ann Arbor community. The goal of the Tribal Council is to build a strong rainbow community in Ann Arbor - to provide alternative ways of dealing with our brothers and sisters needs - basic needs like healthy food, non-honk education, adequate housing, good health, good drugs (and we're dealing with the bogus death drugs too), Communications, transportation, finances, defense, music (and if you aren't convinced that music is a very basic need - can you honestly say that you don't miss the People's Ballroom?? We haven't had it for over a month!), and all the other things we need to be a strong community. In the Tribal Council, we conceive and carry out programs that relate to meeting these needs. All the Committees are represented on the Steering Committee and we've been taking steps to make the Steering Committee and the Tribal Council as organized as possible.

    In the Steering Committee we talk a lot about the direction the Tribal Council should take as a progressive political organization in the community. Different local problems, possible projects and activities are discussed at Steering Committee meetings and decisions are reached - collective decisions arrived at through much thorough discussions - consensus is usually reached. We've also been trying to think of the best way for people who are interested in working with the Tribal Council to get more information about how the Tribal Council works and exactly what we do in our community work. We feel that the best way is for people to check out the people's committees, see what we're dealing with and what people's programs are functioning now in Ann Arbor.  Chances are there's one or two or three committees that they'd want to check out. (See list of committees and meeting information following article). In the past most people have gotten involved in the Steering Committee meetings first, then checked out the committees. We decided that the committee meetings, which are usually smaller in number and agenda points than the Steering Committee meetings , would be the ideal place to explain to people what the committee is doing and what the Tribal Council as a political group is doing. Join the Tribal Council !