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   The Ann Arbor SUN has been trying to get the information about everything that's going on out to the community - which is why we're coming out so soon after the last issue. Issue 46 came out a month after Issue 45, but a lot of things were left unclear. (See Tribal Council statement in the centerfold). The SUN is looking for a space so that the whole operation can move out of the basement of 1520 Hill Street - and the Tribal Network could start operating again in the same space. And, the SUN is also looking for PEOPLE who want to work on the SUN to help make It a true rainbow community newspaper!

   The Communications Committee is in the process of determining a new meeting time because Sunday at 4 is a bad time to meet, judging from the size of the past meetings. Hopefully by the next issue - which will come out the first week in February, we will have set up a meeting time.