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Calendar Of Ann Arbor Events

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Calendar of Ann Arbor Events

Tues. Flicks-Mojo Boogie Band 50 cents

Floods- Erlewine Bros, and friends 25 cents

Odyssey- Iron Horse Exchange and Locomobile 75 cents

Blind Pig-Mighty Joe Young $1.50

Cinema Guild-Gold Rush with Charlie Chaplin, Arch. Auditorium 7 and 9:05pm

HRP Steering Committee-516 William 7:30

Tribal Council Steering Committee- 1522 Hill,7:30pm

New World Films-Raja with Ravi Shankar and George Harrison, and Monterey Pop $1.25 for each or $2.00 for both. Modern Language Aud. 3


Wed. 24 

Floods-John Nuzzo and Howard from Brooklyn Blues Busters 25 cents

Odyssey- Grand Dude Express

Blind Pig-Might Joe Young $1.50

Cinema Guild- The General with Buster Keaton, Arch. Auditorium 7 & 9:05

New World Films- same as Tuesday

Education Committee, 427 Hamilton, 8:00


Thurs. 25

Blind Pig-Mighty Joe Young $1.50

Odyssey- Long John Silver

HRP Women's Caucus, 516 William, 7:30

Cinema Guild- Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde With Spenser Tracy, Arch. Auditorium 7 & 9:05pm

New World Films- same as Tues


Fri 26

Blind Pig-Okra 75 cents 


Mackinac Jacks- Ramblecrowe

Cinema Guild-same as Thurs


Sat. 27

Blind Pig-Okra 75 cents


Mackinac Jacks-Ramblecrowe

Cinema Guild- Lenny Bruce at Basin Street West. Arch Audit 7 & 9:05


Sun. 28

Blind Pig- classical music, no cover

Takin Over-Peoples Communications Committee on WNRZ, 102.9 FM 3-7

Toke Time-John Sinclair on WNRZ, 102.9 FM,7pm-1am

Michigan Committee for Prisoners Rights 1520 Hill, 9pm

________________Mon. 29

Mr. Floods-Loran and Gill from Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves 25 cents

Blind Pig-movie-That Man Larabee with James Stewart 50 cents

Mackinac Jacks- live music

People's Music and Ballroom Committee 1522 Hill 7:30pm


Tues. 30 

Floods- Erlewine Bros. 25 cents

Flicks-Mojo Boogie Band 50 cents

Odyssey-Sun Benefit, bands to be announced

Blind Pig-Okra 75 cents

Cinema Guild- Animal Crackers with the Marx Brothers, Arch. Audit. 7&9:05 pm

New World Films-Fellini Satyricon, Modern Language Aud. 3 $1.50

T.C. Steering Committee-1522 Hill 7:30pm


Wed. 31

Floods-John Nuzzo and Howard from Brooklyn Blues Busters 25 cents

Blind Pig-Okra 75 cents

Odyssey-Mojo Boogie Band

Cinema Guild- Goin to Town with Mae West, Arch. Audit. 7&9:05 pm

New World Films- Fellini Satyricon, Modern Language Building Aud 3 $1.50

Education Committee 427 Hamilton 8:00


Thurs 1

Odyssey- Mojo Boogie Band

Blind Pig-Terry Tate 75 cents 

Cinema Guild-Day of Wrath directed by T.H. Dreyer, Arch. Audit. 7&9:05

New World Films- Fellini Satyricon, Modern Lang. Aud. 3, $1.50