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Feds Continue Persecution Of Weed Dealers

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    On March 9 a i combined force of 15 federal customs agent s & 6 Ann Arbor police surrounded & searched a house at 1131 S. Forest.

   The police team arrested 8 people & reportedly seized 400 pounds of marijuana & an undetermined amount of cocaine. Charges released to the press immediately after the bust included conspiracy to smuggle cocaine & possession with intent to distribute cocaine.

   Yet by March 12, the police had backed away from much of their original story. Oí the 8 arrested, 4 were released with no charges. The remaining four were only charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana. All cocaine charges were dropped. While searching the house, agents continually asked, "Where's the cocaine? " At one point one agent remarked, "Alright, we have the cocaine, now we 're all set. " But the brothers deny they had any cocaine. They say the alleged charges were an attempt to intimidate them & smear their names. According to one brother, "There has never been any cocaine or narcotics here. The whole . cocaine rap is total fabrication on the part of the Feds!" Since J Nixon took office in 1968, the federal government has used "Operation Intercept" & various other "anti-drug programs" to to try to stop the flow of marijuana. But even straight politicians have begun to criticize Nixon's campaign against a harmless weed when deadly drugs are being smuggled into the country. So now federal agents are trying to portray weed dealers as hard drug dealers. In this case, all four brothers have been released on bonds ranging from $2,000 to $10,000. They pleaded not guilty in their March 12 arraignment in federal court in Detroit. Their next hearing is set for March 26. If convicted, they could get five years in prison & a $15,000 fine. Kenneth Aschim, director of customs in Detroit, said he wasn't sure what penalty was in store for them, but "it won't be a $5 ticket.i can tell you that much.