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Pun And Craig Still In Jail! Eyewitness Contradicts Charges; But...

Pun And Craig Still In Jail! Eyewitness Contradicts Charges; But... image
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At a preliminary examiiiation upstate Ín Beulah, Mich. , on March 12, Pun Plañí ond Craig Blazier were bound over foi 1 ia their ?1U(),OÜO raxisomous bond was oontinued, clespite testimony by one of two pro secuünp witnesses that the ■i imes we i e never s repoited in the last sheet, Pun and Craig, both rnem - bers of the Rainbow People's Par tv. we re ;ed on March 1 Ann Arbor on charges of conspirextort armed robbei y, and iminal usury. In ar; highly unusual move, special prosee utors f rom Frank Kelley's siate attor ney general 's office appeared for airaignment place of the locad prosecuter, while Kelley himself simultaneously issued a st.aument chai'ging ihat Pun and Craig had intimidated and robbed a dude (later idemified as Uwe Wagner) over a reefer deal. e; al oarloads of freeks made the 250-mile trip on time for the March 12 hearing, joii local (reeks and many olher area citizens in a packed couithouse. By the time the fiasco ended, even old Republicana sitting in the back rows were outraged. The first prosecution witness was a broth ied Bruce Peterson. Peterson testified he was present at the home of Uwe Wagner when Pun and Craig visited Uwe to discuss a debí and saw them leave with Wagner 's belongiags. Under cross-examination by defense attor Buck Davis, Peterson testified he had been s . penaed back to Michigan againet his wil! after moving to Massachusetts. (Peterson laier said at two Michigan State Pólice agents had flov lass. and threatened to put h'im "in a little K until the Lrial" if he ïesisted retu Bul his lestimony was ■ iously not what the osecution expected. He ■d thal Pun and lid not forcé their were not armed, ie ao ' ats. and did not demand He further said tliat Wagiiimsei -,ted that Pun and Craig take f temporarily as collateral until he repaid the people he had ripped off. Peterson also testified that Wagner dealt "on a laige scale" such drugs as morphine. opium, methadone. speed and downers (as well as mariiuana). and thai Wagner has a hisiors as a dishonesí ripolf. When Wagner took the stand, after being barred f rom the courtrooin during Peteison's testimony. he repeated the "facts" eged in the prosecution's coraplaint. But VVagnet' also revealed he is on probation fot an earlier I dope conviction and may be in som e danger of being deported. (Wagner also said he considered Peterson lo be an "honest and truthful i son. ") Atlorney Davis then asked the judge to lowei the $100, 000 bonds on the grounds the case is "phonv, illegal and political in nature Davis also read a statement calling for reasonable bond, signed by 12 State Legislators and tour Ann Arbor City Council members. The judge refused the request. Instead he ordered and Craig bound over for another hearing ürcuit Court April 4. We urge people who oppose this prosecution lo express their outrage in a letter diiectly to At.tore General Kellev ln Lansing and to join us at the April 4 Circuit Court arraignmen' Beulah. Also. gret down at the KAiNSOM BOOGIE to laíse i Fot the legal defense, at ihe Union Ballroom Sunday, April l. Look for further activities after an official defense committee is formed. You can write Pur; plan md Craig Blazier at the &ENZLE COUNTY ML, BeüLAH. ttl. Í%1 , .re reallv eager ti uch with people. - ■- ., ■ ■-. ■ i i . ,i ii ■ i. i .,.. r.... ■-■■■.. . - ■ , ■, -