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Search Goes On For Ballroom

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Search Goes On For Ballroom

It's been four months since fire destroyed the Community Center and the People's Ballroom on Washington St., and there is still no place for people to get together with each other and rock & roll.

Both Tribal Council and C-4 (Community Center Coordinating Council) have been searching for buildings that could be used for community centers and a People's Ballroom, but so far neither Tribal Council nor C-4 has found adequate space to work in. There are some possibilities, but no concrete agreements have been made.

Meanwhile, C-4 has been set up in the old Canterbury House office above Mark's Coffee House, but their lease expires at the end of the month.

Both organizations have money to operate with. Back in January 22-24 there was the WNRZ Community Marathon, a cooperative effort on the part of Tribal Council, C-4 and hundreds of people in the community. The three day event raised $3,000 which was split 50/50 between Tribal Council and C-4. More recently, City Council voted to allocate revenue sharing money to both groups. (see article on this page)

We are still looking for space for two community centers and the People's Ballroom, so keep your eyes open and your eyes open and your ears tuned for a space that would be large enough - and if you do see a potential People's Ballroom and/or Community Center, call Walden at 761-1709.