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Campus Corner Sued For False Arrest

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When In Kuin Kim picked up a defaced, discarded year oíd magazine from Campus Corners, he never dreamed he'd be charged with shoplifting. But that'sjust what happened. Campus Corners is charging him with larceny under $100. He in turn is suing Campus Corners for SI million. He is charging false arrest, l'iilse imprisonment, embarrassment and Iiumiliation. On March 12, 1973, In Kuin Kim walked out of Campus Corners with an April 1972 magazine. Two employees followed him, pounced on him and hauled him into the basement of the store. Finally they let him go. More than two weeks later Campus Corners swore out charges against him. Even Judge Elden was incredulous at first: "You must mean he stole an April 1973 issue, not one f'rom 19727," he said. Unfortunately Elden, when informed that 1972 was the correct date still continued the case. "It appears to me that no one exercised any judgement in this case, "said Elmer White, attorney for the defendent. White has filed a complaint in court charging that Campus Corners "has consistently for the past several years on a week-by-week basis caused the arrest of more persons on socalled 'shoplift' charges than any other merchant in the City of Ann Arbor. The SUN has also leamed that the Campus Corner's sister store, Village Corners, (partly owned by the same people) offers itsemployeesa hou n tv of one sixpack of beer tor every shoplifter they catch. They also make use of booths with two way mirrors staffed by employees who are ready to spring into action when they see a theft. Yet people who work at these two stores have testified that the prosecution of shoplifters hasn't reduced the amount of theft.